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2021 Coaching Program Results Far Exceed Expectations

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2021 Coaching Program results at Keller Williams Arizona Realty far exceed expectations for the organization. Since tracking performance began, the positive growth has been tremendous. Agents in the coaching program produce at a high rate, and have gains across a wide number of measurements. Keller Williams Arizona Realty is known as the best brokerage in the market for agents who want to grow their Scottsdale real estate careers. Therefore you will find a full offering of events, programs, classes, and training opportunities led by highly qualified KW Coaches. As a result, this provides the foundation for agents to learn, grow, and excel in their businesses.


What Are The 2021 Coaching Program Results?


2021 Coaching Program results show a significant and very positive impact on agent success. Examining statistics such as Gross Agent Commission, number of Agents joining the program, and the Average Agent Commission prove beyond a doubt that the KW Coaching Program is highly successful:


2021 Coaching Program Results
Gross Agent Gain/2021 77 Agents joined
Gross Agent Commission Over $1.3 million
2021 % Increase/Average Agent Commission 54%
2021 % Increase/Closed Units 97%
Average Sale $461,833
Closed Sales Volume  $62,809,350


What Does This Mean?


More agents are recognizing the value of the Coaching Program. As a result, participation rose to its highest level yet in 2021. Agents currently in the program readily share their successes among their colleagues. As other agents learn about the program, they also want to gain the benefits of working within a superior Coaching Program. 


Closed units are rising as agents in the program are able to increase their productivity. As has been the pattern from 2020, growth in closed units is not linear to agents joining. So it is not a matter of more agents and more closed units–their actual productivity surpasses just the gain from sheer numbers. Even the average agent commission rise is beyond pricing in the market–so agents are learning how to succeed with higher-end properties in the Scottsdale area. 2021 Coaching Program results prove the value of the program for agents.


KWAZ Coaches and 2021 Coaching Program Results–How Do They Do It?


There is a simple formula for Coaching Program success: accountability. Coaches in the KWAZ Coaching Program hold agents accountable for their goals. Who sets these goals? The agents themselves, with the help of their Coach. Several planning exercises lead agents to develop their business goals. As a result of their participation in the coaching program, agents can leverage direct coaching, group events, consultations, and quarterly check-ins with their Coach. Therefore they are more likely to reach their goals–and the 2021 Coaching Program results prove this point.


Success Leads to Coaching Program Expansion


Following several years of ever-increasing productivity and gains, the KW Coaching Program is expanding with new hires. Through diligent work and an attention to each agent’s needs, KW Coaches have shown the value of the Coaching Program. KWAZ plans to continue to grow this outstanding program so more agents can reach their business goals.


So You Want to Participate in the KWAZ Coaching Program?


For anyone who wants to participate in the KWAZ Coaching Program, there are a few introductory steps. First, they will meet with a Coach to discuss their interest in the program. Second, they must agree to follow a specific set of expectations. The Coach will clearly define the requirements so there is full clarity. Also, the Coach will determine how and when someone can join the program. Just as there are expectations for agent participation, there are expectations in the program for the Coaches as well. As a result, these clear expectations for participants and the Coaches help ensure your Coaching Program results are exactly what you expect, define, and work to achieve. 


Keller Williams Arizona Realty is the best Scottsdale Real Estate Brokerage, and our Coaching Program proves this point. Our Coaches are always ready to speak with any agent who wants to join the program and reach success in their real estate business. The KWAZ leadership team includes several of the nation’s most successful real estate agents with proven results. Contact us using the button below, and one of our Coaches will contact you to discuss your interest.


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