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2022 Agent Leadership Council: Initiatives in Pursuit of Excellence

2022 Agent Leadership Council members include woman with curly hair, glasses, wearing tan jacket and sitting at table; standing man with brown sweater and glasses; standing woman with purple sweater, jean, and hair in bun; standing man with red hair and light blue jacket; and smiling man sitting at table with brown jacket.


The 2022 Agent Leadership Council includes several committees that are actively pursuing exciting initiatives. Each of the committees has a specific focus, and every committee meeting provides an opportunity for members to bring new ideas to the market center. Many of the committees solicit agent input on topics and ideas, and help agents learn about important topics that further help their businesses. 


Committees on the 2022 Agent Leadership Council


There are seven committees on the 2022 Agent Leadership Council:


  1. Commercial
  2. Culture
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  4. Education
  5. Finance
  6. Growth
  7. Wellness

These seven committees work within their specific areas to increase engagement and awareness among agents. Events and activities might include a media day, softball games, or adjusting educational offerings. Important topics such as fair housing might receive attention to help new agents learn about the history of this legislation.


Investor Representation


In addition to the seven committees on the 2022 Agent Leadership Council, Martha Andrews is the Investor Representative. Martha serves in this role as a representative from the owners back to the ALC. Having served on the ALC in the past. Martha brings valuable experience and knowledge to the various committees. In this role, Martha shares information on who the owners are. Also, she shared the owners’ various interests and direction for the market center.


2022 Agent Leadership Council: Highlight on Culture


The Culture Committee Chairperson, Austin Bloom, is a 3rd generation REALTOR® in Scottsdale. As a result, he has a unique perspective on all things real estate. Key to this is his focus on the importance of the KW culture. Austin notes that he wants the Culture Committee’s focus to be helping make KWAZ a place of safety, connection, and comfort. The KW values of God, Family, and then Business provide a stable and strong foundation. With this foundation, KWAZ can create value in its culture for all. 


Additionally, cultural events serves to bring agents together in positive ways. Major events such as holiday gift drives and KW’s Red Day provide great opportunities to develop strong relationships across the market center. Agents are also able to do something very positive for the community. KWAZ supports a wide variety of activities, from holiday bell-ringing to leveraging many of the large communities in KW such as KW Military and KW Young Professionals.


2022 Agent Leadership Council: Highlight on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee Chairperson, Kionna Comer, is a REALTOR® known as a strong real estate professional. She has skills in several areas including network marketing, team building, and talent acquisition. As a result, Kionna uses these skills in her leadership of this committee. KW has been leading the effort by developing agent training and certification programs. In turn, Kionna is instrumental in leveraging the market center to educate agents on the need to understand the history–and the need to move forward in an inclusive manner.


Educational Initiatives


KW has several new classes for agent to take on topics relating to DEI, including:


The Color of Real Estate

An in-depth look at unconscious bias. This also includes the specific government practices from the past that helped create today’s gap in homeownership.


Unconscious Bias in Real Estate

An in-depth look at how people’s brains produce bias unconsciously. As a result, you will learn how this affects real estate. 


In addition to the new training, KW has created a certification program that focuses specifically on DEI. The Agent of Distinction certification program provides agents with all of the resources they need to create a business that appeals to all people. It also helps agents understand what diversity is. Therefore agents will know how to address customer needs and can focus on acceptance and inclusion without discrimination.


Learn More About the 2022 Agent Leadership Council


Keller Williams Arizona Realty is known as the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage, and for good reason. Each of the market center’s committees help drive KWAZ to excellence. Whether it is finance, education, growth, or commercial, agents with experience and passion provide leadership for the brokerage. As a result, agents have access to more resources and a great number of events than at any other brokerage in the area.


Contact us today to learn more about our market center. Our recruiting team and coaching experts are happy to speak with you about Keller Williams Arizona Realty. We believe you will find this to be the best real estate brokerage to work for in the city of Scottsdale.


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