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2022 Family Reunion Recap

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This 2022 Family Reunion Recap provides highlights from Orlando and explains valuable new benefits and programs.


Following a two year hiatus from in-person Family Reunion due to issues and concerns around the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2022 Family Reunion was live and in person! Keller Williams Arizona Realty agents traveled to Orlando, Florida for the largest real estate conference in the industry. Our attendance was valuable for several reasons, and in this 2022 Family Reunion Recap we are sharing the most important points.


Industry Growth Important in 2022 Family Reunion Recap


The real estate industry continues to grow. However at the same time it is consolidating. Various technology disruptors force us all to adapt in order to continue our success.


Industry-Leading Solutions


Keller Williams remains at the forefront of our journey towards providing industry-leading and easy-to-use solutions for every one of our agent partners. 


2022 Family Reunion Recap: Health Benefit Packages


One of the greatest things we want to share in this 2022 Family Reunion Recap are health benefit packages for our agents. Agents can access the portal at to obtain competitive rates on health, vision, and dental insurance for their families. Many of our agents are the primary income source for their families. Therefore, this is hugely important for our associates. As a result, it is sure to change a lot of people’s lives for the better.


Visit for more information on health benefit packages.


2022 Family Reunion Recap: New Lead Source Program


In the weeks ahead we will launch a new lead source for our agents. Through the power of partnership we will begin to distribute buyer and seller leads to our agents. 


We are currently working on the details of this program. Therefore, our expectation is that we can roll this exciting new program out in early Q2 2022.


Wealth Building Through Investing in Real Estate


Gary Keller made it clear that the objective for real estate agents looking to build their own wealth is to “buy dirt.” Supply and demand continues to create environments of economic inflation and appreciation. Therefore, investing in real estate a hedge against inflation. It is also an opportunity to create long term wealth. Agents would be wise to consider doing exactly that. 


2022 Family Reunion Recap: New Pathway for Agent Real Estate Investments


In the near future we will discuss how as a brokerage we are creating a new pathway for real estate investment. This pathway will be for agents to invest in real estate in ways not previously available inside of our brokerage. As a result, it will provide many unique wealth-building opportunities for agents.


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Do you have questions about this 2022 Family Reunion Recap? If yes, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the Leadership Team. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.



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