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Master the Art of Agent to Agent Referrals

Kellie Rutherford Master the Art of Agent to Agent Referrals


If you want to master the art of Agent to Agent referrals, one of the best things you can do is to think about what you are giving. What exactly can you do for that Agent today? Kellie Rutherford, top Keller Williams Arizona Realty Agent at the Keller Williams Arizona Realty business center in Prescott, shares her top tips for building a solid referral business. Kellie has built KRC Network and continues to grow her real estate business with Prescott Has It!


Questions to Ask for Agent to Agent Referrals


There are many questions you should ask as you work to grow Agent to Agent referrals in your real estate business. All of these questions will help you think about what is important in the relationship you develop with other Agents.


1. If you move from one location to another: How do I use what I know from where I am from?


You may already know many Agents in your previous location. Some of them may be good candidates for referrals. Work to maintain those relationships and open the channels of communication.


2. If there are already referral Agents in place, how can I break through?


There are bound to be referral Agents in place whenever you meet a new Agent. What are the ways you can break through? Think about what you can give to the Agent. Come from a place of contribution! Be creative and develop ways to stand out and be helpful. For example, I created a meet/mingle Facebook group. Over time, this group grew to over 10,000 Agents. Soon we were creating in-person events. As a result, one small Facebook group became a huge generator of Agent to Agent referrals.


3. How can I become the #1 Referral Agent?


It is one thing to become part of a referral network. It is another thing to become the #1 Agent that other Agents refer to. There are many ways you can work to get to that spot. Do you recognize the Agents who send referrals to you? What do you provide to them in return for their referral business? Can you offer them some great marketing exposure for helping you build your business?


4. What is the best way to follow up?


For me, building relationships is best done in person. I want to meet someone and will go to lengths to make that happen. A great place to do this is at events such as KW Family Reunion. The first Family Reunion I attended changed my entire life! It was there that I realized how important relationships with other KW Agents are to my own business.


5. What works best?


When I work on Agent to Agent referrals, I try to send referrals to someone who matches my personality. This is why it is so important for me to meet with other Agents. Knowing my referral will be going to an Agent who is like me helps me have confidence my client will be treated just as I would treat them.


6. What is a good way to build out-of-state relationships with Agents?


Leverage KWConnect! Be sure to have all of your information, interests, specialties, and qualifications on your profile page. As a result, other Agents will be able to learn more about you, and that will help build that relationship. I often search KWConnect for Agents and look to see what is on their profile when I am looking for a new referral Agent. Think about this for your own profile development: What do you want to know? Answer those questions and identify those points on your profile.


7. What questions should you ask Agents as you interview them to be part of your referral network?


There are at least four specific questions I ask all Agents when I interview them to be in my referral network:


a. How long have you lived in that area?

b. Are you working on a team or solo?

c. What specific value do you provide to clients?

d. Will my client be handed off to someone else besides you?


8. What else can I do to build these relationships?


Consider adding all of your referral Agents in Command and adding them to a SmartPlan. This could help you obtain several referrals each month. By keeping in touch with your network, you help remind them of the value you provide to their clients. Always think about how you can build a relationship. If you attend a class, introduce yourself to the other Agents in the room. Think of your referral network just as you would a group of prospects. Add them to your CRM, create Events, and come from a place of Contribution! If nothing else, just do this:


Go Be Seen!


What Does This Mean?


If you are looking to grow your Agent to Agent Referrals, consider Kellie Rutherford’s guidance. Kellie has built a network that provides a solid and steady source of referrals. By focusing on what you can do for other Agents and coming from a place of contribution, you will find success with referrals.


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