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Black History Month 2022: Patricia Whorton Shares Her Experience

Patricia Whorton, REALTOR® at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, smiling, facing forward, wearing a denim jacket and large gold hoop earrings for Black History Month 2022


An interview for Black History Month 2022 with Patricia Whorton, REALTOR® at Keller Williams Arizona Realty.


1. As we think about Black History Month 2022, tell us about your background in the real estate industry.


I started in real estate in fix ‘n flip. When I realized I needed more knowledge and reliable resource partners to be successful I decided to get my real estate license


I’ve always had an interest in real estate. When I relocated to Arizona in 2000 my focus was to become a REALTOR®.  However, I was very concerned about not having a steady paycheck. The feeling didn’t go away so in 2018 I left Corporate America for a chance to follow my dreams of being successful in real estate, which at the time was just about making more money than I did working for someone else.  


What’s attractive about this field is there is never a dull day. Each day brings multiple opportunities to solve problems and create plans to provide solutions to people that need help with one of life’s basic need – shelter. And I am glad to share this during Black History Month 2022.


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty?


I joined the BVO Luxury team and they were partners with KWAZ. I left the team but stayed with the market center because of the professional atmosphere and I saw people willing to help each other. 


3. What do you like most about working at this brokerage? 


The friendly professional culture, the educational training/webinars and how helpful other agents are when you reach out with questions or need help.  


4. Can you share a story about how your own history has been positively impacted by developments in the real estate market, as it relates to Black History Month 2022?


As a single parent I wanted a home for my child. The laws that previously restricted Blacks from owning homes and obtaining mortgages had been changed. Therefore, I was able to purchase a home. This is not to say that I didn’t deal with redlining, higher interest rates or any of the other issues with discrimination in housing but I decided which battles were worth fighting. 


5. What do you believe is most important to share in your own life as you think about the importance of Black History Month 2022?


I am reminded daily that I am able to do what I do because someone else PAID and PAVED the way. Even though our history isn’t pretty, kind nor nice because there is nothing nice about enslaving people or creating laws to keep Blacks down, what’s important for me is to not judge the book by its cover but to listen and get to know the person.  This business gives us the opportunity to touch lives and how we engage with others can make a lasting impact.


Do I have to work at being conscious? Yeah, we all do, and far beyond the 28 days of Black History Month 2022. One of many things I’ve learned in corporate is “seek first to understand before being understood.” This way it’s never about me, it’s about who I’m helping. I’ve discovered when I keep the attention off of me the less mistakes I make.


6. What would you say to a new Black agent joining KWAZ about your experience?


The same thing I would say to any new agent. This business is what you make it. Treat it like a business and don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities. This business is like any other business it takes work to make it grow. It takes knowledge and all this will come with time. There are numerous programs and classes promising success so it’s important to know what you want and who you are. Go with your gut, it’s usually never wrong. 


I like this office because of the professional friendly culture. You can ask anyone a question and they willing help. Leadership has classes and programs that will help you become a better REALTOR®. Also we don’t just focus on work-related activities. We give back by partnering with various organizations throughout the year, not just during Black History Month 2022. The monthly All Partners Meetings are fun, you get to catch up and get the latest KW news.


7. Where do you see yourself in the future?


I will still be in real estate probably with a team of 3 -5 people, managing my 200-door apartment complex and traveling the world


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