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What is the Best Way to Build Your Real Estate Database?

Woman real estate agent who understands how important it is to build your real estate database, so she is holding a client appreciation event, sharing food at a table with new people she has just met and will add to her database.


A defining feature for a successful agent is to know how to build your real estate database. Marketing to your database results in connections and keeps you top of mind with your clients. Touchpoints, interactions, and activities all work for you to build your future business. But what is the best way to accomplish this? There are so many ways to find names to enter. You can even pay for lists of names if you find that to be helpful.


Below we list a few of the top ways you can use to build your real estate database by using your own ingenuity. Taking a multi-pronged approach is a solid and successful tactic. As a result, you will gather contacts and their information quickly and easily.


The Best Way to Build Your Real Estate Database




Are you a member of any professional organizations with contacts you know and interact with? Do you have contact information for all of your family members? How about the people you interact with on a regular basis–perhaps your barber, insurance agent, or pet sitter? 


All of these people should be entered into your database. If they do not have a specific need, they may know someone who does. Remember, your contacts have their own spheres of influence. You can reach many more people than just the names in your database. 


Dive into Your Past


Do you remember your best friend from high school? If you have lost contact, now is the time to reach out to reestablish that relationship. Anyone you may know from your past offers you an opportunity to add to your real estate database. Call them and catch up with all of their news and yours. Be confident, and apologize for losing contact in the first place. Remember, your goal is to build your real estate database. People from your past might genuinely appreciate hearing from you and want to help with your real estate business.


You should promise that you will not lose touch with them again because you will add them to your database. You can then sign them up to receive a newsletter or a Smartplan with emails, texts, calls, and other touchpoints.


Make Local Business Connections


One of the easiest ways to build your real estate database is to reach out to local businesses. Often these may be small businesses that also rely on referrals for their success. Connecting with other business owners and their employees lets you truly broaden your network. These are people you might not otherwise know or have interaction with. Therefore, you are branching out into new and fertile territory by building these relationships.


By adding local business connections to your database, you also open the door to cooperation. Perhaps they have events or specials you can share with your database. Alternatively, you might have a need for space for an event and they have an ideal location. The possibilities in these relationships extend both ways, so be open to new ideas that may help you grow your business and influence. Ask them specifically how you can offer them assistance in their businesses.


Create Appreciation Events for Your Clients


Of course your marketing plans should include events to show your appreciation for your clients. And what better way to meet new people so you can build your real estate database? Be sure to make the event open to family, friends, and guests. As a result, your clients can introduce you to new people. Then you can add these new people to your database and sign them up for newsletters and a smartplan with several touchpoints and engagement opportunities. 


What kind of events might you hold for clients? Here are several ideas you might consider for fun and interesting client appreciation events:


  1. BBQ picnic summer bash
  2. Art show, museum, or theater invitations 
  3. Host a sporting or fitness event
  4. Arrange a cooking class
  5. Hold a document shredding event
  6. Coffee and pastry at a local coffee shop
  7. Photo opportunities for kids
  8. Holiday themed events
  9. Virtual events for long-distance clients
  10. Informational seminars


Are you Ready to Build Your Real Estate Database?


If you are ready to build your real estate database, Keller Williams Arizona Realty is the place you want to be. With our brokerage, you have access to Keller Williams’ proprietary Command technology–simply the best CRM database program for your real estate business. Featuring Smartplans, easy to use templates, and the ability to create multi-channel strategies, Command brings your database to life.


Contact us today to learn how you can build your real estate database using the industry’s best CRM solution. Our Leadership Team and Coaches are ready to speak with you and show you why Keller Williams Arizona Realty offers you the best opportunities for your real estate career.


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