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Our agents have full access to the Keller Williams suite of industry-leading technologies. KW has invested significantly in developing technology solutions that provide every agent all the tools they need for success. If there is one thing that every Keller Williams agent learns, it is that the KW proprietary technology is where they will win over their clients.


Keller Cloud

KW’s Keller Cloud represents an entire range of technological tools that all work together seamlessly. Developed simultaneously, these tools provide ideal solutions for agents while creating exceptionally smooth experiences for clients. AI and machine learning are at the heart of the Keller Cloud.

Keller Williams has industry-leading technology platforms

What is AI Technology?

AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence. Basically, AI is the process where a computer can do several things on its own:
  • Learn from the experiences it has
  • Use the input it receives to make certain adjustments
  • Do actions similar to those that humans perform

By leveraging AI within the Keller Cloud, the various tools available to agents work together and provide better solutions. The technology easily handles various tasks for agents, including:

  • Prioritizing your goals
  • Powering your lead generation
  • Creating actionable information out of your raw data

Command Technology

Command is the tool that lets agents manage their database. Even more than that–Command brings your database to life, offering the ability to create Smart Plans that help you keep in contact with your leads.


Within Command, you can quickly and easily assign contacts to groups and then organize these contacts to receive automated follow-up communications. As a result, this feature increases the efficiency of your lead generation efforts by helping you identify and focus on those who engage.


Command also lets you design specific communication plans for each of your leads, depending on what they choose to respond to. For example, should a lead reply with an interest in an event you have shared, the program can create a SmartPlan that automatically refers them to a registration page and sends out reminders–without you having to go in and do this for each lead.

All you need to do is have your list of registrants on hand to greet them when they arrive at your event.


Command technology makes managing your database a breeze–and turns your raw data into actionable information that drives your success!

Multi-Channel Strategies in Campaigns

Command also contains a robust library of prepared templates. As a result, it is easy to find the right marketing asset, customize it, and then use it for your database. The Campaigns feature of Command is where you drive messages to your clients and prospects.


Agents can easily launch dynamic ads and then use Command’s powerful reporting function to understand what specific future action to take to drive leads to their marketing pipeline. You can learn what is working best in your Campaigns and then tailor your approach based on those analytics.

Keller Williams has industry-leading technology platforms
Several Real Estate Agents using Keller Williams' industry-leading technology platforms

The World Is Yours to Leverage

With Command, you have direct access to leverage the largest and most-profitable real estate network in the world. With its broad range of features, Command lets you:

  1. Search for and engage with trusted partners
  2. Negotiate using the technology
  3. Arrange specific details relating to each deal

Keller Williams has a worldwide presence that includes over 50 regions, and continues to grow. Importantly, agents at Keller Williams Arizona Realty have full access to this strong network and can use it to help clients–and grow their business.

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