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Wealth Building

One of the unique things about Keller Williams Arizona Realty compared to other brokerages in Scottsdale is the ability of its agents to build wealth. A truly innovative program, the Keller Williams Profit Share Model provides risk-free wealth building opportunities for all associates. The system is also fully sustainable. It does not take dollars from every deal. Instead, dollars are taken only from profits left over at the market center level after expenses are paid.

Agents discussing how they benefit from wealth building at Keller Williams Arizona Realty

How Does KW Wealth Building Actually Work?

It is a surprisingly simple profit share system that rewards profitable Market Centers.
  • After a real estate deal closes, any associate who has not yet met their cap will pay company dollars directly to the Market Center.
  • The Market Center uses these company dollars to pay their operating expenses.
  • Money that is leftover in the Market Center after paying operating expenses is profit.
  • A portion of this profit is shared with the associates who helped the brokerage grow by bringing on agents who are productive.

The wealth building system promotes referrals of productive agents to market centers for a truly win-win opportunity. These agents are the key to an agent receiving profit share. Success quickly builds on success. As a result, this enables profitable Market Centers to share profits and attract even more associates. Every associate is eligible to participate in the profit share system. Therefore it is a truly equitable program.


Seven Levels of Wealth Building

The Keller Williams Profit Share Model currently grows up to seven levels. These levels are simple to understand:
  • When someone names an agent as their sponsor or the associate responsible for introducing them to the company, they are assigned to that sponsor’s first level.
  • Each sponsor gets 50% of the profit attributed to the profitable activities conducted by the associates they bring on.
  • The percent­ages decrease throughout the levels.
  • However, the percentages never fall below 5%, which is higher than the top tier of other wealth-building systems in the industry.
Woman with dark hair and shirt pursuing the Agent Opportunity Pathway, and happy that she can benefit from wealth building
Family enjoying the benefits of Keller Williams wealth building programs

Inheritable Profit Sharing

The Keller Williams wealth building opportunity sets KW above the competition in every sense of the word. Not only is it designed specifically to promote the profitability of Market Centers, but it is inheritable as well.

Agents are vested in the Keller Williams Profit Share Model after seven years. As long as the associates an agent brought to the Market Center continue contributing to the profit, agents will receive passive income, as long as they do not compete or recruit against KW.

KW understands that its agents will not be able to be working forever. There will come a time when they are no longer directly involved in real estate deals. However, agents can continue earning passive income through the KW profit share system. Additionally, the profit share system for an agent is inheritable. This enables future generations to benefit from this industry-leading and innovative system.

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