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CEO Newsletter January 10 2022

CEO Newsletter


CEO Newsletter January 10 2022: I’m passionate about helping every agent inside our company understand how big the opportunities are inside of kw.


Today I scratched down an enterprise structural chart to help people understand the vocabulary and structure of our brokerage.


Inside of kw there are Market Centers, Business Centers, Mega Agent Offices, and alliances.


The diagrams below help show the relationships inside of kw Arizona.


CEO Newsletter 1 10 2022 Sketches

Market Center – this is a brokerage hub office with specific standards of size, profitability, and growth to maintain the franchise with KWRI


Business Centers – these are branch offices of the Market Center; usually smaller, inside the territory of the Market Center


Mega Agent Offices – these offices are branches housing specific Agent teams, paid for and maintained by the mega agent inside the territory belonging to the Market Center. An agent may apply when certain production levels are met


Alliances & Partnerships – created with ancillary businesses to provide greater opportunities to agents. These alliances serve agents and their clients at a high level, sponsor education and social events, and serve the needs of the brokerage


So why is this important? Because we’re one BIG TEAM. And when we understand how we all relate to one another it should give us a sense of pride as we pursue growth together. It helps you see how kw is simply a distribution platform for whatever you want to put out into the world.




This year I’ll be sharing more about how Together we all Achieve More and how understanding our culture and models help everyone surpass our goals together in a monthly newsletter and sometimes even more frequent blog posts.


I will answer questions I’ve received repeatedly about kw and specifically kw Arizona.


What questions about kw do you have after reading CEO Newsletter January 10 2022?


I’d love to answer them. Feel free to contact me directly at any time.

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