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Coaching Program Results Prove Participant Success


Keller Williams Arizona Realty offers a wide range of training, classes, programs, and events for agents to learn how to build and grow their real estate business. Many agents choose to participate in the Coaching Program. KWAZ Coaches provide the training and the tools that lead to consistent and proven success. The Coaching Program results show the benefit to these agents. These agents then take what they learn and apply it to their own business, driving a significant increase in productivity.


What Are The Coaching Program Results?

The most recent statistics show the Coaching Program results and its impact on agent success. For example, taking a look at the rise in participants, closed units, and closed sales volume, clear trends emerge:

As of November 2021
Participants Jan-Nov 21 50% Increase
Closed Units Nov 21 YTD vs. Nov 20 YTD 117.54% Increase
Closed Sales Volume Nov 21 YTD vs. Nov 20 YTD 179.93% Increase


What Does This Mean?

The rise in participants is due to agents finding significant value in the Coaching Program. Participants who have found success are the best ambassadors to highlight the program benefits and results, and many agents ask to join the program as well.

The rise in closed units is a clear example of the program working to increase the productivity of agents. We can expect some increase as more participants join, but the Coaching Program results are not linear. Even when looking at closed sales volume, taking out the rise in prices during this time period shows a non-linear increase. These increases are clearly due to the positive impact of the coaching program. Therefore, the coaching program results indicate this is a powerful training program that will result in success for its participants.


How Do KWAZ Coaches Drive Coaching Program Results?

The Coaches in the KWAZ Coaching Program hold participants accountable to reaching the goals they set for themselves. By working with the participants through several strategic planning exercises, Coaches help them set and achieve their own individual business goals. Participants benefit from direct coaching, including one-on-one business consultation, group coaching events, and regular checkins done every quarter to help keep them on track.


Training, Leads, and Support

In addition to direct coaching efforts, participants have access to several other valuable resources that work to increase their productivity. These resources include all of the following:



Various training classes are provided as part of the Coaching Program:

  • 30-60-90 Days to Success as You Start the Coaching Program
  • Access to the Real Estate Essentials Online Portal for Additional Training
  • The Market Center Lists Classes and Events on its Training Calendar
  • Workshops That are Held Monthly and Vary by Topic



A number of leads are made directly available to participants so they can create more opportunities for their real estate business. The Coaching Program provides:

  • Referrals from Other Agents
  • Geo-Leads that Provide Contact Information
  • Several Other Opportunities That Result in Leads



KWAZ uses a team approach to further support Coaching Program results. This provides participants with confidence to proceed at each step of the way in the program. Participants have access to:

  • Direct, Live Broker Contact During Broker Hours
  • Question and Answer Calls on a Daily Basis
  • A Facebook Group Exclusively for the Coaching Program Participants
  • Access to the Market Center Leadership Team’s Real Estate Expertise


How Can I Participate in the KWAZ Coaching Program?

To participate in the KWAZ Coaching Program, participants will meet with a Coach to discuss their interest. Additionally, they must follow a specific set of expectations. The Coach will clearly define the requirements and help determine how and when someone can join the program. As there are expectations for agent participation, there are expectations for the Coaches as well. As a result, these clear expectations for participants and the Coaches help ensure effective communication. Therefore, your Coaching Program results will be exactly what you expect and what you set out to achieve.


Keller Williams Arizona Realty is a leading brokerage in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Our Coaches are always ready to speak with any agent who wants to achieve success in their real estate business. Our leadership team includes several of the nation’s most successful real estate agents with proven results. Complete the form below, and one of our Coaches will reach out to you.

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