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Commercial Real Estate Opportunities at KWAZ 2022

Several tall and beautiful skyscrapers in a city center representing a variety of commercial real estate opportunities


There are many commercial real estate opportunities that Keller Williams Arizona Realty agents can leverage in their business. Certainly as neighborhoods move from the planning stage of the construction stage, the need for business development and service providers rises. Therefore, the need for agents who understand commercial real estate also rises. Also, as towns and cities grow, businesses expand and may move in to gain access to a skilled and qualified labor force and other amenities. 


According to J.P. Morgan, the commercial real estate industry is poised for a comeback in 2022. Trends the bank sees for commercial real estate opportunities include:

  • Upgrading Technology to meet customer demand for each of use in rent collection transactions
  • Updating Infrastructure to ease commutes and facilitate product delivery
  • Increasing Affordable and Workforce Housing such as mixed income housing developments where affordable, market, and workforce housing solutions combine in one location


Importantly, participation in the commercial real estate market requires a significant amount of education. Also, agents should pursue obtaining certification such as CCIM designation.


Education in Commercial Real Estate Opportunities


One of the first things an agent who wants to pursue commercial real estate opportunities should do is pursue education. The commercial market is very different from the residential real estate market. As a result, there are many commercial market classes, seminars, and events for agents to access and learn what they need to know to be successful.


Start with the KWC Associate Academy


Live webinar courses taught by Mike Lipsey and additional self-study courses help set agents on the path to earn the Lipsey MiCP® Designation. Importantly, agents who desire this designation must complete all of the Lipsey School of Real Estate courses noted as a requirement.


Join Events to Learn Real World Commercial Market Applications


The KW Commercial Real Estate Summit is one of the best events for agents to learn about the commercial market. Focusing on the most recent trends, best practices in commercial real estate, and the latest technology, this is the event where agents get results and build their network.


Obtain CCIM Designation to Increase Your Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation tells the market you are at the top of your profession. Having CCIM designation shows you have mastery and expertise in market analysis covering investments, finances, users, and negotiations. CCIM provides real world examples during training and education, so you will be able to help your clients get the best return on their investments.


So You Want to Join the Commercial Division?


There are a few requirements you must fulfill in order to join the Commercial Division at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. First, send in the KW Commercial Broker Application. Importantly, you must follow and complete all of the requirements that are noted to obtain membership. Take note of the membership costs and the training classes that are required.


Also, those new to working in the commercial real estate industry may have to find a mentor. There is a mentor agreement document that must be signed and submitted with the application. Check the details as noted.


Our Team can Help You With Commercial Real Estate Opportunities


Several agents at KWAZ have direct experience in the commercial real estate industry, and are highly successful. Our team can help you on your path to learning more about the commercial market. We can also help you connect with successful real estate professionals who have pursued the requisite training and obtained certifications.


Contact us today to learn more about KW Commercial and the commercial real estate opportunities that await you. We are glad to share our experience and knowledge to help you find success!


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