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Family Reunion 2022

Family Reunion 2022


An interview with David Morse, CEO and Team Leader of Keller Williams Arizona Realty, on why he will be attending Family Reunion 2022.


Tell me about KW Family Reunion 2022–what is it?

Family Reunion, in two words, is Powerful Connection.  The largest real estate conference in the world will be all about rekindling powerful connections. This will no doubt help agents take their business to the next level.

What do you hope to achieve by attending?

I attend Family Reunion because I believe in its power to help me achieve bigger things. And I believe the same thing for every agent who attends and approaches it as a business trip. This year I believe agents have much to gain since the prior two years we have been digitally connecting. The missing “human element” of in person events has proven difficult. I believe that this year agents will return from Family Reunion 2022 having made powerful relationships with top producing agents across the globe. As a result, these agents will then become referral partners.

Can you share how attending has helped your career in the past?

I like to say that “the money is made in the hallways” at Family Reunion. The breakouts and main stage sessions help ignite your creative juices however it’s the conversations in the hallways and after the main agenda that will no doubt spur you to “think big and go small.” Personally, I have met some of my deepest colleagues and professional relationships in those hallways.

Do you have a favorite part of KW Family Reunion 2022 that you are looking forward to?

The Vision speech from Gary Keller is always powerful because he’s always 3-5 years ahead of the industry. It’s fascinating to me how people in our industry still doubt him. His motto has always been “in real estate you ‘skate to where the puck is going’ not to where it currently is.”

What do you say to others to convince them why they should attend?

Invest once in Family Reunion 2022 and if it’s not worth it I’ll personally pay for you. I’ve yet to have an agent share that they’ve not received at least the cost of the trip back in tangible referral or business growth within one year.

Are there “good to know” points about logistics, food, and social gatherings?

Plan your agenda in advance including who you will meet for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on all days. If you go with a plan and live by your schedule that intentionality will pay dividends.

How can I get more information about KW Family Reunion 2022?

Get more information about Family Reunion including how you can attend digitally (there’s digital tickets still left) by going to


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