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What is the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program?

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What is the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program? This program is unique in the real estate industry in how it is structured and what it offers to participants. It allows real estate professionals to build their wealth over time. This program is also fully sustainable. As a result, participants have peace of mind knowing the program’s design works for their benefit, both today and into the future.


How Does the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program Work?


The program works following a simple and ingenious process. This process actually rewards Market Centers that focus on success and profitability. As a result, this plan helps ensure the future success of both the Market Center and the profit sharing plan itself.


Step by Step Process for the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program:


  1. Real estate deal closes
  2. Associates who have not met their cap pay company dollars to the Market Center
  3. The Market Center pays its operating expenses
  4. Any money left over in the Market Center after paying expenses is profit
  5. A portion of this profit is shared with the Associates who actually helped the brokerage grow by bringing on productive agents


What are the Operating Expenses of a Market Center?


The Market Center is where the Real Estate Brokerage maintains its presence. There are certain fixed costs necessary to run a Market Center. There are also several variable costs that arise based on transitions such as real estate deals. For example, some costs at a Market Center may include any of the following:


  • Dues and fees
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Rent
  • Signage
  • Supplies
  • Utilities


Keller Williams Wealth Building Program Promotes Success


The design of the wealth building program rewards successful agents. At the same time, the program promotes referrals of those agents who actually produce. In the world of Keller Williams, this truly is a win-win proposition. Who wins, you ask? Everyone wins!


Cycle of Success


  1. Agents who refer productive agents receive a share of the profits
  2. Successful Market Centers are able to attract even more productive agents
  3. Every associate is eligible to participate

Because every associate is able to participate, this is an equitable program that provides opportunity equally and fairly to all.


What Does Equity Mean?


Equity in the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program means the state of being fair and just. This program is fair in that all associates are eligible to participate. Also, the program is just in that the exact same opportunities apply to all participants. Therefore, an agent with a new license has the same opportunity as an agent who has much more experience in the industry.


Keller Williams Wealth Building Program is the Best in the Real Estate Industry


The KW profit sharing plan grows up to seven levels. This means associates are interdependent on the success of each other in this program. What do these seven levels look like?


How the Seven Levels Actually Work


  1. An associate names an agent as their sponsor (the sponsor brought the associate to KW)
  2. KW assigns the associate to their sponsor’s first level
  3. Each sponsor receives 50% of all of the profit that their associates generate
  4. When this associate is named a sponsor themselves, that new associate is assigned to the second level of the first sponsor, and the first level of their own sponsor
  5. As the levels go further, the profit share percentages decrease
  6. At the seventh level, the lowest profit share percentage never goes below 5%


Higher Percentage Than Top Tier of Other Programs


Notably, the lowest profit share percentage in the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program is higher than the top tier of other similar real estate industry plans. Therefore, participants in the KW program are on a stronger path to building their wealth. 


It Gets Even Better!


Yes, it gets even better: the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program is inheritable! What does this mean?


  1. After seven years, agents are fully vested in the program
  2. For as long as the agents they brought to the Market Center produce, agents will receive passive income (One Caveat: The agent must not compete or recruit away from KW!)
  3. The profit share system for an agent is fully inheritable by future generations–as long as those agents continue producing for the Market Center

Agents can rest assured that the passive income generating from the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program will help provide for their heirs well into the future.


The Keller Williams Wealth Building Program Creates Generational Wealth


Generational wealth from inheritance often provides significant financial advantages for an agent’s heirs. As a result, these heirs may be able to use the passive income from the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program to do a variety of things, such as:


  1. Buy real estate!
  2. Completely avoid taking on expensive debt such as loans for school
  3. Invest in other income-producing assets


Learn More About Keller Williams Arizona Realty and the KW Profit Sharing Plan


As one of the most exciting and lucrative benefits from KW, the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program leads to successful and profitable growth for our agents and our brokerage. Keller Williams Arizona Realty focuses on helping agents achieve their fullest potential, and this further increases agents’ share of profits. 


Contact us today to learn more about our brokerage and the Keller Williams Wealth Building Program. Our leadership team and coaching experts are glad to speak with you about the KW Difference at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. We are confident you will find KWAZ is the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage to work for!


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