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Know The Numbers That Drive Real Estate

Gary Keller speaking onstage at Family Reunion 2023, encouraging real estate agents to know the numbers behind the real estate market.


Gary Keller encourages agents to know the numbers that drive real estate. Certainly there are some number that seem to look good or bad at different times. But are they the actual drivers of the industry?


As Gary noted during Family Reunion 2023, while current total market volume numbers look promising, this is misleading. In fact, real estate agents need to be cautious. When the market gets hard, they need to ramp up their activity. Then and only then will they become successful. Real estate agents must do the things they need to do so they can achieve the best result possible.


Listen to Gary here:



How Agents Can Know The Numbers


Gross numbers indicate the real estate industry in 2022 has the third largest in volume in history. But volume numbers tell only one part of the story. 


In fact, several 2022 housing market measurements indicate a whole host of issues for the real estate industry. If agents want to know the numbers, they should review the 5 Trends that Defined the 2022 Real Estate Market published by the National Association of REALTORS®. 


The advice from Gary Keller is this:


“If you don’t work hard to match the hard, your year is going to suck.”


So, what does this mean?


If You Know The Numbers, You Need to Change 


During a market shift, agents cannot continue to keep doing what they always do. Gary notes that he sees agents who are not doing anything different than they were during the good times. However, they cannot do this. Whenever times get hard, agents absolutely must ramp up their activities


In fact, Gary believes agents have no choice in the matter. That is, if they plan to continue in the business and be successful. There are agents who will gain market share during a shift. These agents will be gaining at the expense of those agents who are not ramping up their activities.


There are Four Steps to Success


In any real estate market, agents should know these four steps to success:


  1. Get rid of limiting beliefs and non-helpful emotions
  2. Design a captivating future and set the goals you need to achieve it
  3. Stand up and take action
  4. Use laser-like focus to keep your sights set on your goals


If you know the numbers, then you know you need to take these four steps! Are you ready to gain market share during this shift? 


Now That You Know The Numbers, Take Action!


If you are truly listening to Gary Keller, then you know the numbers are telling you to ramp things up. How can you do this in your real estate business? 


Try looking into the coaching program at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Our coaching program is designed by experts to help agents reach production quickly. It also has several powerful elements to help agents move up to the next levels in their real estate careers. 


Contact us today to learn why Keller Williams Arizona Realty is widely known as the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage. Ask our Leadership Team members about the many benefits KWAZ offers to our agents, and how you can ramp up your activities to be successful during this market shit.


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