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KW Prep: A Professional Development Approach to The Real Estate Industry


Launching a successful real estate career just became a whole lot easier! Introducing KW Prep, a program designed to equip you with business best practices and mindset techniques to help you step into a career in real estate with confidence!


The cost to you? FREE!


DM/EMAIL/CALL me to learn more about this game-changing program.


KW Prep has not been approved by any state regulatory agency to satisfy the required prelicensing or continuing education requirements for real estate agents or brokers. This Keller Williams Realty, Inc. program is not a recognized educational institution for higher education or an accredited school, and it does not offer courses for credit. KW Prep is designed to help set individuals up for success in their real estate career.


What Is KW Prep?

Whether you are looking to obtain your real estate license, or you are a seasoned professional, KW Prep is the perfect opportunity for you to learn what the real estate industry is really like. This program does not meet any prelicensing requirements, nor does it offer any continuing education credits. However, it offers something much more valuable: all the helpful tips and advice you need to start your career off going in the right direction for success!


Are You Sure There Are No Costs For KW Prep?

Are we sure? Yes, we are sure. There are no costs for KW Prep. You gain direct access to a variety of learning modules, and you proceed at your own pace. You set your own schedule, and you determine what you want to do and how you want to do it. Contact us and we will work with you to clarify your unique needs and requirements. Then we will help you proceed with KW Prep


KW Prep is a highly curated development program for professionals. Coach Molly de Mattos, working along with Keller Williams University, put together an amazing and robust range of learning modules focusing on the real world. As a result, these modules help anyone learning about real estate understand the right paths and practices they should take to be successful.


How Long Does This Professional Development Course Take to Complete?

Everyone moves through KW Prep courses at their own pace. Enrollees can expect to find all of the following:

  • 17 individual modules
  • Each module includes:
    • Video featuring Coach Molly de Mattos
    • Downloadable worksheet

If you plan to spend at least one hour per module, then you may be looking at taking up to 17 hours to complete all of the modules. But remember, you are in charge of your time. If you need additional time on a module, take it. Get the most out of your time investment and prioritize where you need additional efforts.


Why Is Keller Williams Offering KW Prep?

Keller Williams believes everyone deserves the opportunity to learn about the real estate industry. Known as a disruptor, the company strives for openness and transparency in the real estate education industry. KW Prep also provides great insight into the ways that Keller Williams supports its agents. By sharing best practices with those who show an interest in learning, Keller Williams believes the industry as a whole will be better overall. KW Prep also provides a path for agents to learn about Keller Williams. As Coach Molly de Mattos states, the modules help enrollees become “Kellerized.”


What Do You Need To Begin Working With The Modules?

The easiest way to begin working with KW Prep is to contact us. Keller Williams Arizona Realty is a leading brokerage in the Scottsdale real estate market. Each member of our recruiting team has significant experience and knowledge in the field, and they are ready to speak with you. Keller Williams Arizona Realty’s leadership team includes some of the nation’s most successful and dynamic real estate agents. They are ready to help you begin your real estate journey. Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your next step with KW Prep!

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