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KW Technology Ramps Up Your Real Estate Business

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When real estate agents first start learning about Keller Williams, invariably they will hear that KW technology ramps up their real estate business. In fact, Keller Williams invests significantly in its own proprietary technology platform that propels agents to great success. This technology platform is often referred to as the Keller Cloud. Within the Keller Cloud, all of the technology tools work together in harmony. As a result, these tools provide the best solutions for agents. They also provide a smooth and easy experience for clients. 


KW Technology Ramps Up With AI


The power behind KW technology lies within AI, an acronym for Artificial Intelligence. The designers who build KW technology allow computers to learn and grow as they go. What does this mean? This means that with AI, KW technology allows its computers to:

  • Incrementally learn from its own experiences
  • Make direct adjustments based on various inputs
  • Take human-like actions when necessary


This Sounds Like The Future! 


KW technology sounds like the future because it is the future. Our real estate agents have some of the most powerful real estate technology solutions right at their fingertips. With the Keller Cloud at its core, all of these tools actually perform many tasks for the agents:

  • Defining and prioritizing agent goals
  • Giving power to lead generation activities
  • Producing useful information from data points
  • Useful information is how KW technology ramps up an agent’s knowledge


Command is the Key


Command is the program that brings life to an agent’s database. It houses the information with easy-to-use technology. Not only is it easy, but it is also smart. Agents have access to create Smart Plans so they can easily keep in touch with all of their database contacts.


These Smart Plans are responsive to what your contact actually does. If they choose one thing, the plan sends them what is specific to their choice. This is one of the ways that KW technology ramps up an agent’s database.


Here is an example:


  1. Your contact indicates an interest in attending an event you shared
  2. Based on their interest, Command sends the contact a registration link
  3. Command also sends various reminds for the day and time of the event


Command takes care of the communications and reminder to your contacts. What do you need to do? Just print the list of attendees who did register for the event. With your list on hand you will be able to track those who attend, and reach out to those who did not attend with appropriate responses. All this can be done through your Smart Plan. KW technology ramps up with Command, and then it speeds along with Smart Plans.


KW Technology Ramps Up With Multi-Channel Strategies


Within Command, agents can find a large number of simple template files. These files provide a “plug and play” experience, and there are many designs for agents to choose from. Agents just need to insert the appropriate name, contact information, and logos, and then their file is ready to use. The library of files is large enough to suit nearly every possible format for an advertisement or communication. 


These files are ideal for use within the Campaigns feature of Command. Campaigns are where an agent sends messages to the contacts in their database. Prospects and clients can receive different messages or the same message, depending on the specific activity or application. 


Learn More About KW Technology


What is amazing about how KW technology ramps up real estate businesses is that it continually improves over time. It is not just the AI feature that drives these improvements, though. Keller Williams continues to invest in the Keller Cloud with new technologies and features making things easier for real estate agents and their clients.


Contact us today to learn more about how KW technology ramps up real estate businesses. You can get a free demonstration of Command as well. Our team of experts are always glad to share about the many great aspects of our brokerage. KW technology helps make Keller Williams Arizona Realty the top Scottsdale real estate brokerage to work for!


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