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One of the highlights of Keller Williams Arizona Realty is its luxury real estate division. Within the Phoenix metropolitan area, home buyers and sellers consider Scottsdale to be the hub of the luxury real estate market. Known worldwide for its outdoor lifestyle, golf courses, resorts, and stunning natural beauty, Scottsdale luxury real estate leads the market in desirability. More homeowners choose Scottsdale and neighboring Paradise Valley for luxury real estate than any other city in the region.


Keller Williams is a Leader in Luxury Real Estate

When looking at the luxury market, it is important to note that home buyers in that segment often have a global view. These buyers are not necessarily comparing one home to another in the same city. Instead, they are comparing one luxury home that may be in the United States to another that may be in France. Therefore it is critical that agents and their brokerage have the same global view.

Keller Williams has the global reach and the results to prove it:

  • Representation on 5 continents
  • Over 25,000 luxury properties sold in 2020
  • Average of 157 luxury home transactions each day in 2021
  • Approximate $673.6 billion share of the luxury real estate market

Why Agents Prefer Keller Williams Arizona Realty Luxury Division

One would think that the Market Center’s location in Scottsdale would attract discerning agents who want to be part of the luxury real estate market. But that is not the reason agents choose Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Instead, it is a wide range of important factors that makes the case for the KWAZ luxury division.


Connections in luxury real estate

Keller Williams Luxury provides more connections across the entire world’s range of luxury properties. This gives agents at Keller Williams Arizona Realty the advantage of global reach to serve their clients. In fact, the Top 10 luxury markets around the world show the need for a global network such as Keller Williams offers. These markets include (in alphabetical order by city name):

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Miami, Florida, United States
  • San Francisco, California, United States
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Keller Williams Luxury Magazine and Luxury Collateral

Whether placing a luxury property in its beautiful pages, or sharing it with luxury home buyers to determine their interests, agents know Keller Williams Luxury Magazine as one of their most valuable resources. In addition to the magazine, luxury division agents have access to property marketing collateral through KW’s proprietary Command Designs technology. KW also submits luxury listings at no cost to major publications read by luxury buyers, including Barron’s Group and the Wall Street Journal.

Collaborative Culture

Agents in the luxury division have direct access to all of the resources they need to be successful in this dynamic and growing market. But it is the culture at Keller Williams Arizona Realty that offers the most return to an agent’s investment. Having a supportive culture helps agents and all of their team members focus on serving their clients. And it is this attention to detail from luxury division agents that sets KWAZ luxury division agents apart from others.

Learning Opportunities for Luxury Real Estate

Once an agent joins Keller Williams Arizona Realty, learning is highly encouraged. This is especially true of the luxury division. Since Scottsdale and Paradise Valley have such a large share of luxury real estate, any agent choosing to work in this market must undertake to learn about it. KWAZ offers several learning opportunities and resources for agents, including the following:

  • Luxury Learning Series held on a monthly basis
  • Q&A Sessions for Luxury held the first Friday of each month at 12PM CT
  • Specific Luxury-oriented training opportunities
  • An extensive library of training materials specially for the luxury market

How Can I Join the Luxury Real Estate Division?

While many agents would like to join the luxury division, in truth, no agent can join it. Membership in the luxury division is obtainable only through gaining Earn-In Membership Status. What this means is that agents have to meet specific requirements to be eligible for membership. These requirements include:

  1. Must close at least four (4) transactions over the past 24 months at the defined luxury threshold
  2. Representing both the buyer and seller in a single transaction will qualify as two transactions for the requirements

However, even if an agent has not yet attained their Earn-In Membership Status, as long as they have a luxury listing, they will receive all the exclusive benefits of Earn-In. These include an extensive range of resources and services designed to provide their client with the experience to meet their luxury-level expectations.

How Do I Get Started in Luxury Real Estate With Keller Williams Arizona Realty?

The easiest way to get started with Keller Williams Arizona Realty is to contact us. We will put you in touch with one of our recruiters and they will provide answers to all of your questions about how to get started. Whether you have industry experience or are new to real estate, the luxury real estate market is always growing and opportunities abound. With the extensive learning opportunities through the Market Center, you will learn all you need to know should you obtain Earn-In Membership Status for the luxury division.


Keller Williams Arizona Realty is a leading luxury brokerage in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Our luxury real estate division offers all of the resources and training for agents to be highly successful in their real estate business. The KWAZ leadership team includes several of the nation’s most successful real estate agents in the luxury real estate market. As a result, they have proven results. Complete the form below. One of our recruiters will contact you to discuss your interest in joining Keller Williams Arizona Realty.

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