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Meet Austin Bloom: ALC Culture Committee Co-Chairperson

Meet Austin Bloom, Real Estate Professoinal at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, and Culture Committee Chairperson on the Keller Williams Arizona Realty Agent Leadership Council (ALC) for 2022. Austin has short dark hair, brown eyes, is wearing a white shirt, facing forward, and is smiling.


Meet Austin Bloom!

An interview with Austin Bloom, Real Estate Professional at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, and Culture Committee Co-Chairperson on the Keller Williams Arizona Realty Agent Leadership Council (ALC) for 2022.


1. Tell us about your background and interest in real estate.


I grew up in the real estate industry. I am a 3rd generation REALTOR® in Scottsdale. The first thing I remember about my father is seeing boxes of postcards on the kitchen table. I was helping him as he was farming a neighborhood. I used to go around with my siblings and put flags in the front yard with his information. At that time, there were not many issues with kids in neighborhoods helping like this.


I remember I got to see my dad negotiate an entire sales contact at the kitchen table, from start to finish. We participated in large community events in the Grayhawk neighborhood. My father was always focused on locally-based and community-oriented activities. During the last few years of my working with my father, I was the Inside Sales Associate (ISA) and worked with technology and systems. It was during this time that I became familiar with teams.


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty?


I was working for a team at RE/MAX at the time, and I took a class at Keller Williams Arizona Realty with Kristan Cole. I met several people who were all focused on success and very interesting to speak with. In a few years I started at KWAZ and I got plugged into the Keller Williams Young Professionals initiative. There was no chapter at KWAZ, but I helped connect with the International organization and we relaunched the Phoenix Chapter of KWYP in September of 2021.


3. What do you like most about working at this brokerage? 


Keller Williams Arizona Realty has really phenomenal agents, many of whom are dear friends of mine. It has a super-enjoyable work environment. I have experienced other brokerages and KWAZ is the most enjoyable by far.


Also, there are many exceptional organizations and people that KWAZ is connected to, including:


4. Tell us about your Committee and its focus.


Historically culture has been tasked from the big Keller Williams groups and divisions to the market centers. I believe the Keller Williams culture is like no other. It is absolutely amazing. We have KW Cares, KWKC, and the company offers tremendous support for various divisions such as KW Military and the KW Rainbow Network


The organization is very supportive, and I hope to bring this same experience to the market center. I want the Committee to focus on helping KWAZ be a comfortable, safe, and connected place, with a solid foundation in our Vision of God, Family, and then Business


5. What motivated you to accept the leadership position of your Committee?


I was on the ALC last year for Wellness and I had a lot of fun with it. I always enjoyed coming to the cultural events at the office. Helping out with Red Day, the holiday drives, and other activities brings me a lot of happiness. This Committee offers me a unique opportunity to leverage the big vertical organizations that KW has so I can help ensure we are firing on the same cylinders.


6. What do you hope your Committee is able to achieve this year?


I hope to support the office in retention and recruiting efforts by creating ranting and raving fans of the agency! Agents can hang their license here because there is a tremendous cross-cultural effect of teams and solo agents.


I want to see more attendance at events, and I want to host more activities that are in alignment with our Vision and our Values. I want to promote the organizations that our agents help and support, to bring awareness of the good things we do in our community.


7. Where do you see yourself in the future–where will we meet Austin Bloom?


Being an influencer at the regional and national level at Keller Williams. I want to help agents and brokerages to grow their businesses and help draw new agents in to work with them. 


I hope to launch a country that has not been launched yet for Keller Williams. A sales operation that is functioning well is something I also would like, one that empowers clients, agents, and associates. It is important for all of us to know what the right time is to buy, sell, and invest.


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