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Meet Kate Matteson: Managing Broker

Meet Kate Matteson Managing Broker on the Leadership Team Meet Kate Matteson. An interview with Kate Matteson, REALTOR® and Managing Broker at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Kate has long blonde hair, is smiling, and is wearing a dark shirt.


Meet Kate Matteson!


An interview with Kate Matteson, REALTOR® and Managing Broker at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. 


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the local area.


I’ve been around Real Estate my entire life.  My father is a commercial builder in the state of North Carolina and I grew up on job sites –  Wrangler’s Headquarters, Budweiser to name a few. His sister is a Property Manager for a large developer in Florida and developed a lot of the 30A area to include WaterSound and WaterColor.  So I couldn’t avoid it if I tried!  (Editor’s Note: 30A is a group of Florida beach towns between Panama City and Destin along County Road 30A.)


I started out working part time in a property management office while I was in College at the University of Tennessee.  Then when I moved to Atlanta in 1996, yes for the Olympics, because who wouldn’t want to be a part of that as a 20 something year old!  I went to work for the largest independently owned commercial brokerages in Atlanta at the time and stayed with them until I had my daughter in 2002.  That is when I transitioned into Residential Real Estate and my journey with Keller Williams started in 2004 in Atlanta and I also went ahead and got my Appraisers License in Georgia at that time as well.  


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty?


When I moved to Arizona in 2008, I knew I wanted to stay with a Keller Williams office and at that time I joined Integrity First, which merged with KWAZ a few years later.  I worked with Tony and Suzanne Marriott on their team when the short sale era was huge and then transitioned into the Managing Broker position in early 2014.  


3. What do you like most about working at this brokerage? 


I love the agents that I get to work with on a daily basis!  Keller Williams Culture is one of a kind and it’s hard to duplicate that anywhere else.  I also truly love our leadership team. Most of us have been together for over 5+ years and it shows that we truly are a family.  


4. Tell us what a typical day is like for a Managing Broker.


Ha!  A typical day is that you cannot ever count on it being a typical day!  The second I think “Oh, today seems relatively light – let me create a new video or catch up onFull Moon Meet Kate Matteson paperwork!”…….then wham!, it’s a full moon and crazy things start to happen in the Real Estate world!   


Here are a “few” of the many things I do:


  • I answer Real Estate questions for agents throughout the day (and into the night)
  • Work to solve issues with other brokerages
  • Review agent files to keep us in compliance with the state of Arizona
  • Work with agents on keeping their licenses up to date
  • Update agents on new contracts and forms
  • Keep our brokerage in compliance with various laws and regulations
  • Teach classes on a weekly basis
  • And many other things!


So any given day can be controlled chaos as I like to call it. I also sit on the Professional Standards Committee and the AAR Ethics Committee, so I will occasionally mediate hearings and give recommendations on Ethics complaints that other agents have in our state.  


5. What are the top three things agents can do to make their life easier with respect to your role?


  1. Tell me who you are when you text me!  I cannot tell you the number of texts I receive in a day asking a question, and sometimes they aren’t even from agents in our office!!!  I always try to have everyone in my phone, but the first couple of times you text me, I always hate to ask – Who is this??  
  2. Tell me what your issue is – either text, email or phone – not just a “hey, call me” or “got a sec?” It helps if I can research something first (if it’s not a simple question) so that I can answer you as soon as humanly possible.  I know that the agent’s time is precious and mine is too.  The less time we play phone tag, the better for everyone!  
  3. Submit your files for review!  And I mean that literally – actually hit the SUBMIT button in Opportunities. We still have agents that don’t understand that we are governed by the State and their regulations……..we get fined $$$$  if our files are not submitted and reviewed within a specific time period and it is something that is so EASY to do – just upload and click the button! It’s literally an EASY BUTTON!   We request that all agents submit within 3 days of going under contract, which builds us enough time to review for the State.  I can’t tell you how many are submitted late…….well, actually I can tell you, because we track it!  Wink, wink


6. Would you share a story about something in your work that is funny or heartwarming?


I’ll choose heartwarming, because I do silly stuff daily and most know it when I do……I have a couple of heartwarming stories over the years, but you truly know who your family is when you are admitted into the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery and your Keller Williams family never leaves  your side…….well, Leslie did long enough to take my phone and iPad away from me, but only then….and even when I was puking nothing from being allergic to Morphine (they didn’t let me have anything for over 24-hrs for fear of rupturing)  in front of them, (yes, super embarrassing)……..they still stood right by my side during the whole process.  It’s sometimes not easy being without your blood family, but my Keller Williams family is as close as it gets! 



7. Where will we meet Kate Matteson in the future?


I am right where I need to be. 💕


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