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Meet Kellie Rutherford

Meet Kellie Rutherford. An interview with Kellie Rutherford, REALTOR® at Sold by Kellie Rutherford, Keller Williams Northern Arizona. Kellie also manages Prescott Has It! with information about the KRC network and all things Prescott. Kellie is smiling, has blonde hair, is wearing a blue shirt and dark jacket.


Meet Kellie Rutherford!


An interview with Kellie Rutherford, REALTOR® at Prescott Has It! with information about the KRC network and all things Prescott. Kellie also manages Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott. Call Kellie at 928-830-0151, email her at, or visit her website at


Meet Kellie Rutherford. An interview with Kellie Rutherford, REALTOR® at Sold by Kellie Rutherford, Keller Williams Northern Arizona. Kellie also manages Prescott Has It! with information about the KRC network and all things Prescott. Kellie is smiling, has blonde hair, is wearing a blue shirt and dark jacket.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the local area.


I am an Arizona native, born and raised in this great state.


From 2004 to about 2007, I worked at the Keller Williams brokerage at 68th Avenue and Bell Road in Glendale. From there, I moved to a small town in eastern Arizona called Safford from 2007 to 2012. 


Beautiful Safford, Arizona


What a beautiful little town to make friends and grow my career! Safford is at the southern tip of a string of lovely little towns in the Gila Valley. The towns include Pima, Thatcher, Swift Trail Junction, Fort Thomas, and many other small areas. In this valley the Gila River flows between majestic mountain ranges, and there is an air of quiet country charm. There are many farms in this area as well, and a strong sense of pride can be seen in these communities. The scenery in this part of Arizona is absolutely stunning, and there are several trails, scenic roads, and wilderness areas. The Safford Recreation Area includes the Coronado’s most extensive mountain range, the Pinaleños, and features the tallest mountain in southern Arizona, 10,720 foot Mount Graham complete with its own observatory


Working in the Mines


Once I was in Safford, I first tried to work in the Safford mine. Yes, you read that correctly. I thought it was time for a career change, and I wanted to be challenged, learn, and grow. It was funny–my friends could not believe that I would get covered in dirt and grime from the work I was doing. I enjoyed it up to the point that I almost drove a truck over a berm. Thinking to myself, I wondered “What am I doing? I am a real estate agent, and I am very good at doing exactly that!” So after eight weeks working in the mines in Safford, I went back to my true career passion–real estate.


Back to Real Estate


A small mom and pop real estate company in Safford took a chance with me, and then I moved to a larger national brokerage in town. At one point I had a billboard on US Highway 70 going into the towns, and a billboard on the same highway going out of the towns. I became the market leader in real estate sales, even overseeing a new subdivision in Thatcher and selling many of the houses there.


Moving up to Prescott


My parents have been up here in Prescott for many years. I decided to move up here to be closer to them in 2013. By 2017, I became the top selling agent in the KWAZ in Prescott market center, and have held that title for 2018, 2019, and 2020. In 2022, I created the KRC Network with Jeff Graver. A big part of my business is referrals, and I have developed contacts around the world during my career which is why my referral business is so successful. I am ranked in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide.


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott?


For many years while I worked at Keller Williams in Phoenix, I would visit my parents in Prescott. I  used to walk the block where KWAZ in Prescott is situated. I would think to myself and pray, if I come to Prescott, this is where I want to work! Sure enough, once I did move here, I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Keller Williams has everything  am looking for in a brokerage, from its strong culture to its focus on training and education.


3. What do you like most about working with the KWAZ in Prescott team? 


The team at KWAZ in Prescott gives us access to so much diversity, and this gives agents the ability to focus on our 20%. As this relates to KRC Network, my strengths are are in negotiations, attention to detail,  relocation, relationship building, and understanding client needs. Jeff is great with inspections, understanding client needs, and determining how best to deal with vendors and partners. 


Working together and focusing on our strengths has given me a great amount of perspective. As a results, it helps me grow because I can let go. By letting go, I can enhance my strengths do what I do best, while others at KRC Network enhance theirs and our clients have a great experience from all aspects of their transaction.


4. Do you have a favorite client story you would like to share where you believe you helped them the most?


There are so many! My favorite stories are the ones where buyers had no idea they could qualify to get a home of their own, or to build their credit so they could buy a house. I love working with a mortgage company to help these buyers get qualified, it is always an awesome experience for them and for me!


When sellers have to sell a home and they have so much going on and cannot understand how to proceed, this is where I am glad to help. They may not be able to handle the process, but I have a heart for service. I work with sellers out of a love for helping them, and it gives us all a lot of blessings and pleasure. 


5. What is the secret to your success?


Doing the right thing above all else. Being honest. Standing on your word and doing what you say you will do. In 2014 I went to KW Family Reunion, and Gary Keller stood on stage and said look around, get to know one another, there were thousands of agents there I could get to know, build a referral business–and I did! I have a robust referral business and friends all over the world now, and I am grateful for the encouragement Gary gave to us that day.


6. If you could give one piece of helpful advice to a new real estate agent, what would that be?


Get a coach on Day One. Seriously. Don’t take the journey alone. Be always ready to learn. This business is about learning and growing. 


Never Quit. No Matter How Hard It Gets!


7. Where will we meet Kellie Rutherford in the future?


There are so many great opportunities out there! I would like to go into coaching for the next phase of my career. In August, I am getting my John Maxwell coaching certification. I want to help agents build their 7 level real estate business. It is very doable! 


Learn More About Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott


We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to meet Kellie Rutherford, and learn about her new venture KRC Network. Real estate agents will find many great training and coaching events at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott to help build their knowledge and grow their career. We believe you will find that KWAZ in Prescott is the best Prescott real estate brokerage to work for


Contact us today to learn more about our market center and how you can grow in your real estate career. Our leadership team will be glad to talk with you about all that you can expect from Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott. 





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