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Meet Martha Andrews: ALC Investor Representative

Meet Martha Andrews, Investor at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, and Team Leader, Luxury Realtor at XSell Real Estate Group; Martha has shoulder length light and dark brown hair, blue eyes, is wearing a dark jacket, facing forward, and is smiling.


Meet Martha Andrews!

An interview with Martha Andrews, Luxury REALTOR® at XSell Real Estate Group, and Investor Representative on the Keller Williams Arizona Realty Agent Leadership Council (ALC) for 2022.


1. Tell us about your background and interest in real estate.

My Bachelor’s Degree is in business and real estate, and I was working for Trammel Crow in their Marketing Department. I marketed luxury apartments all over the country. For work, I was stationed in Dallas, Houston, Florida, Lubbock, and Minneapolis during my tenure. I was first introduced to the state of Arizona when I worked in Lubbock. My husband was going to medical school in Lubbock, and I followed him there. The company had an opening in Lubbock in property management, so I moved from marketing to managing properties. I enjoyed it a lot, and learned so much about properties during that time.


I stopped working for a while to raise four children. Our family eventually moved to Arizona before my kids started school, and two of them were born right here in Scottsdale. I enjoyed getting involved in things like the Parent Teacher Organization and my kid’s sports and activities. When my youngest son was in high school, I decided to get my Arizona real estate salesperson’s license.


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty?

I was working at RE/MAX at the time, and my youngest son was playing football at Desert Mountain High School. Kelly Cook was his coach, and he was asking me where I was and what I was doing. Kelly is an expert at what he takes on, and he is very motivating–for one thing, my son now plays for the Baltimore Ravens! In time, Kelly convinced me to join KWAZ and work on his team. I managed his luxury division and we became partners. 


3. What do you like most about working at this brokerage? 

It’s different here compared to other places. As a result, I know every day that if I need help, anyone I visit in the hallways here will offer me help. Keller Williams Arizona Realty offers a family atmosphere. It is not competitive, and we recognize there is enough business to go around. Here, there is a constant feeling of being supported.


When I use the word “family” it is in the truest sense of the word. My son Charlie left his previous career and joined me when I started XSell Real Estate Group. For me, Keller Williams Arizona Realty became so much like a family, I wanted to become an Investor. I believe in the inherent goodness of this brokerage, and I genuinely like and believe in the ownership. 


4. Tell us about your Committee and its focus.

I have served on the ALC several times, often heading up the luxury division. When agents meet Martha Andrews, they usually think “luxury division.” This year I am serving as an Investor Representative from the owners back to the ALC.


5. What motivated you to accept the leadership position of your Committee?

I worked with David Morse on a win-win arrangement. I am busy and really have no time to serve as Chairperson of a Committee. David agreed with me, and asked if I would serve in a capacity as a representative from the owners. This offers me the flexibility to contribute in a very useful manner given my limited time. This is important to me because I love this office and want all of us to be successful.


6. What do you hope your Committee is able to achieve this year?

I hope to share helpful information on who the owners are and their interest and direction for KWAZ back to the agents and the ALC.


7. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself still here at Keller Williams Arizona Realty! Each of my team members has the ability to be highly successful individual agents but my hope is to keep them as a part of XSELL Real Estate Group and help them to continue growing in their real estate careers. I also want to continue adding new team members who like the mentor-style approach to being on a team. I see our XSell Real Estate Group continuing to grow, and our teamwork approach flourishing. We live by the principles of Integrity, Knowledge, and Collaboration, and these principles are actually written on the wall in our office.  


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