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Meet Michelle Boggiano: ALC Education Committee Co-Chairperson

Meet Michelle Boggiano, REALTOR and Education Committee Co-Chairperson on the ALC


Meet Michelle Boggiano!


An interview with Michelle Boggiano, REALTOR® at Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Michelle serves as the Co-Chairperson of the Education Committee on the Keller Williams Arizona Realty Agent Leadership Council (ALC) for 2023.


1. Tell us about your background and interest in real estate.


I have a financial/marketing background prior to starting in the real estate industry. My husband and I were in the process of buying our first investment property and during that process he encouraged me to go to into real estate. I was always talking the language with the agent we were working with and pricing the homes. It seemed like a natural fit for my interests.


So, I took a leap of faith, resigned my position and went to real estate school. This was in 1995, and I have been in the real estate industry ever since. I enjoy helping buyers and sellers as well as managing an office during these years. As for my prior career, I have never looked back, as I enjoy Real Estate so much!


2. What specifically brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty?


I had worked at a previous brokerage with several agents that had moved to Keller Williams Arizona Realty. When I was transitioning from managing to full time sales I decided to look at what other brokerages had to offer.


I chose Keller Williams because of name recognition, the luxury division, and I liked the collaborative atmosphere at our market center.


3. What do you like most about working at this brokerage? 


It is truly remarkable. This is the third brokerage I have been with. Keller Williams hands down has the networking and working with other Keller Williams agents in other states down to a science.


I think the company really helps grow agents into thinking and performing like business owners. Keller Williams also has a great platform for agents wanting to grow teams.


4. Tell us about your Committee and its focus.


I am working with the Education Committee. This committee focuses on bringing valuable content for agents at all different levels in their career to help them grow their business. It could be a a mastermind led by top producers that all agents can learn from, or foundational marketing programs that help them grow their business.


Our Committee puts a lot of thought and effort into panels on different topics so the agents can see what is working for their peers and and walk away with ideas to implement in their business.


We also have classes that pertain to different aspects of the various things we come across in transactions such as inspections, title, and warranties. Classes may delve into granular topics pertaining to specific areas of real estate, luxury home sales, 1031 exchanges, and investments.


5. What motivated you to accept the leadership position of your Committee?


I have always loved mentoring and coaching agents. Plus I enjoy learning myself.


I believe this business is always evolving. Therefore, there is a lot of value in  networking with peers and leaders in industries that serve real estate to bring us all relevant content. We can all become that much stronger as agents and business owners providing the best service to our customers.


6. What do you hope your Committee is able to achieve this year?


My hope is that our agents know we are providing relevant content consistently. and that they look forward to attending the classes and events.  I also hope they know they always walk away with new ideas or reminders of things that they can implement in their businesses.


I love nothing more than watching agents participate in class, and then seeing their energy and excitement afterward.


7. Where will we meet Michelle Boggiano in the future?


I will continue selling homes here in the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan area. My future plan is to expand my sales in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Also, I am finishing my broker’s license requirements, and may want to go into coaching as a future career option.


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