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Meet Rose Gowen

Meet Rose Gowen, top agent at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott


Meet Rose Gowen!


Rose Gowen, Rose Gowen | Keller Williams Arizona Realty, Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the local area.


I am originally from Texas, but spent much of my life in a small community in Southern California. As my husband was nearing retirement, we wanted to move to a nice area and chose Prescott. It had the same warm and inviting feeling as our community in California. I fell in love with Prescott, and we moved here in 1995.


I started off working in finance at various businesses in town. Then I got into customer service roles and found my niche. I really enjoy working with customers! I have a talent in helping people become calm and relaxed, which is very much appreciated in the real estate business. Additionally, I am trustworthy and I genuinely care about people–I want to help them, and I can feel their pain as well as their excitement. 


Choosing Real Estate as a Career


One day when I was driving to work at a horticultural company at a job that I absolutely loved, I thought I could see myself working in real estate. It would be fun! In 2006, I started studying, went to school, and then obtained my license. Fast forward to 2007 and we went into a housing marketing crash that lasted through 2012. I had a background in making transitions in my life, and so I transitioned to helping families during these times to find ways to deal with short sales and various other transactions when a home is underwater. I became experienced in this and it drove more business my way, helping me build my client base.


In 2008, the small brokerage I worked for got picked up by Keller Williams. They offered a lot of training and helped us learn to keep in tune with the local market. They also helped us look deeper into ourselves, to learn what we wanted in our careers and how to achieve our dreams. Everything in KW is bringing you forward in your life and business. Coming to KW has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my real estate career.


2. What brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott?


After spending most of my working career at corporate America where I was a small voice in a large place, I wanted to have a larger voice in a small brokerage. However, that was not working as well as I had hoped. When the brokerage was sold to KW, I was offered a spot at KWAZ in Prescott where I could have a larger voice. KWAZ in Prescott offered the “family” with faith first, camaraderie, and more of what I have always embodied. There were lots of events, introductions of new partners, and teaching each other what was new. KWAZ in Prescott is different in all the best ways! There is lots of help and support, and they teach the importance of supporting and communicating with your clients. People can really “meet Rose Gowen” here because I do have a larger voice.


3. What do you like most about working with the KWAZ in Prescott team?


KWAZ in Prescott has gone through some changes, and I am very self-reliant. I have been through transitions in my life and I don’t always need a constant connection with an organization to be successful. However, I would like more interaction with KWAZ in Prescott! The leadership time is young and vibrant, and they are fun to work with. We should always embrace the new and continue to learn and grow.


4. Do you have a favorite client story you would like to share where you believe you helped them the most?


I had a couple looking for a specific home that offered land, quiet, no people around, internet access…it took a while for us to find their home, but we did and they were very happy. The outside surroundings were key to their decision, and Prescott has many beautiful settings. They said their parents may want to come live with them. We became friends, and then sure enough they asked me to help their out-of-state parents find a home. Again, this took time, but I have patience. We found the parents a home, and this was all done at a distance. They never saw it or toured it on their own. We took lots of videos and shared with the parents so they could see what they were planning to purchase.


They love the home, and not only that, it has appreciated at a rapid pace this year. I had fear they would not like it when they finally saw it–they had only seen videos! But they came to my office and told me how much they love everything about their new home. This gave me peace of mind, and affirmed that I can sell homes long distance with successful results. When people meet Rose Gowen, I want them to know I can help them no matter where they live.


5. What is the secret to your success?


My secret to success is this: “Always Thinking Real Estate.”


6. If you could give one piece of helpful advice to a new real estate agent, what would that be?


When you choose to go into real estate, follow your dream and have confidence you will succeed. If you believe, it will come true. Belief is everything; success is all based on your belief in yourself.


7. Where will we meet Rose Gowen in the future?


Doing real estate! I love what I do, and I will do it as long as I am physically able to do it. I truly love this business! In the far future, it would be fun to work with a group of young people in the business and help them grow in their careers.


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We are glad you enjoyed this opportunity to meet Rose Gowan. Feel free to contact us today. Our leadership team will be glad to talk with you about your interest in Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott. Our brokerage offers many exciting advantages for you in your real estate career!




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