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Meet Travis Bard

Meet Travis Bard


Meet Travis Bard!


Travis Bard, Legacy Real Estate Network powered by Place, Inc., Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in the local area.


I am a native of Arizona, born and raised in Prescott. Our family has a lot of history here, and I have watched Prescott grow from 20,000 to over 120,000 residents. I have raised three beautiful children here, and I can’t imagine life anywhere else. Before I joined the real estate industry, I was involved in small community banking. I enjoyed the local, home-grown approach of community banking, and have found a similar environment in real estate.


2. What brought you to Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott?


In 2009, the real estate market was upside down. I had been in the industry since 2000 and wanted to find a brokerage that could help me become a better real estate agent and develop my business better than what I had been doing before. I sought true leadership and wanted a clear vision, and I learned about Gary Keller. Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott provided the right place for me to learn, grow, and thrive under Gary Keller’s industry leadership.


3. What do you like most about working with the KWAZ in Prescott team?


It is the character of the people. Everyone here is very caring. When things are good, they help you celebrate. When things are bad, they lift you up. It is a wonderful place to pursue our real estate business.  There is a tremendous sense of community in the Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott office, more than I have found anywhere else. It is that amazing community, that caring and supportive network, and that true and comforting comradery that makes all the difference to me.


4. Do you have a favorite client story you would like to share where you believe you helped them the most?


Oh, there are so many great stories. I have helped clients facing family and business burdens. I helped a young couple get their first home just two weeks before their baby was born. There is one constant theme for me when it comes to clients–I enjoy helping people in their time of need. When people meet Travis Bard, I want them to know I am there to help them.


5. What is the secret to your success?


Right now, it is the quality of the people I have around me. We have a great team and a wonderful culture. For me personally, diligence over time–staying strategically focused on what our clients need.


6. If you could give one piece of helpful advice to a new real estate agent, what would that be?


Treat your real estate license as a business from Day One and find the right mentor who will show you how to do this.


7. Where will we meet Travis Bard in the future?


I want to continue to share this amazing opportunity on our team with as many people who want to share our culture and success. I see myself continuing to grow our team, helping more people to achieve their real estate goals, and staying in Prescott!


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We are glad you enjoyed reading this interview with Travis Bard. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Prescott. Our Leadership Team is always glad to speak with you about our brokerage and your real estate career!


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