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Master the Art of Pop Bys with John Tyler of Checklist Inspections

Master the Art of Pop Bys with John Tyler of Checklist Inspections
John Tyler, Owner and CEO of Checklist Inspections

John Tyler, Owner and CEO of Checklist Inspections gave an exciting presentation on the concept and use of Pop Bys for real estate marketing. What are Pop Bys  you ask? In simple terms according to John, Pop By gifting is the principle to getting more referrals.



Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Pop Bys?

Pop Bys are a terrific way for an agent to reconnect with a client. John notes that Pop Bys are:

  • Effective
  • Inexpensive
  • Power tool that leaves a lasting impression
  • Easy way to reconnect with prospects and customers

Pop Bys: One of the 5 Things Every Small Business Needs to do in Order to Grow

When thinking of small business marketing needs, John notes that Pop Bys are one of the 5 things that every small business needs to do in order to grow:


John Tyler of Checklist Inspections speaking about Pop-Bys


Pop Bys help real estate agents maximize their opportunity with existing clients. And…they work! They are an effective way to keep in touch, continue to provide value, and build relationships. With the “Law of Reciprocity” at work to help agents in this manner, Pop Bys present an opportunity for the client to do things for the agent–like give a referral! Ultimately, Pop Bys help you stand out from other agents.

What are Some Examples of Good Pop Bys?

Good Pop Bys consist of a few specific things in order to be truly effective:

  1. Branding–remember, you are in the real estate business
  2. Personalization, with your name, contact information, perhaps even your photo
  3. Focus of the gift should be on strengthening your client relationship
  4. Clear messaging: You are there for them, ask for the referral, follow on social media

What is a Good Frequency for this Gifting Program?

John recommends using Pop Bys no more than once a quarter. Keep track of clients that provide leads. and note then people are likely to be at home or their place of work when you stop in. Take note of who is posting on social media about your visit and your gift.

Language to use with Pop Bys

John recommends agents should think of NLP and their scripts. NLP, or Nuero-Linguistic Programming, asserts a connection between language and actions. The key here is to use positive answered questions. Think “For you” and “I would like for you to have” when you are giving a gift to a client. This will help the client remember you.

John provided the following important point:

The worse the pun, the better it is; people will remember it!

The point is not the value of the gift; it is so that the client remembers you.


Tip: You can also use Pop Bys at Open Houses!


More Advanced Gifting Options

A relationship with a client that has purchased a home may be deserving of a more customized gift. How would you know when and what to give? Use a “Get to Know You” form with the client so you can learn what they like and what is important to them. Also, consider a nicer gift for every referral you receive.

Ultimately, be sure to buy name brand items, or purchase from a local farmers market so the gift has a nice touch to it. You can also consider using Pop Bys to share your interests with your clients, such as if you enjoy cooking.

Effective Real Estate Marketing

Whether you use Pop Bys, greeting cards, Smartplans, door knocking, or any of hundreds of other ideas, the key point is to remember you are in business. Marketing effectively will help you grow your business over time. Gifting programs are a cost-effective and powerful way to make a lasting impression on your clients. Consider adding them to your marketing program, and remember to keep track of the results!

Interested in learning more about effective real estate marketing? Contact us today. One of our leadership team members will be glad to speak with you about our real estate brokerage. There is a reason Keller Williams Arizona Realty is known as the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage. Let us show you how you can benefit from all that our brokerage offers to our agents.


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