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Shift Tactic #10: Expand the Options – Creative Financing

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Shift Tactic #10: Expand the Options–Creative Financing shows you just how creative the real estate industry can be. Joe Quattrucci discusses the wide number of creative things that sellers, buyers, and lenders can do in response to a shifting market. Also, within each of these creative things are a wide variety of options. Much like a kaleidoscope that constantly provides a changing view of colorful visions, there are a virtually unlimited number of creative financing solutions available to real estate professionals and their clients.


Shift Tactic #10: Creative Things Sellers Can Do


Sellers who have strong motivation to sell can offer several options to help with financing issues. Each of these options have specific nuances that should be fully understood. However, they open many windows of opportunity for buyers who might need a creative financing solution. Sellers in a shifting market should have knowledge of these options so they can be ready to consider them in negotiations.



Shift Tactic #10:  Creative Things Buyers Can Do


Just as sellers might have strong motivation to sell, so also do buyers have strong motivation to buy. Given their urgency to buy a specific property, buyers can leverage several creative solutions to their financing needs. While all funds need to have clear and fully identified sources, there are many places buyers can turn to with regard to financing.





Shift Tactic #10: Creative Things Lenders Can Do


While Shift Tactic #10 has been focusing on what sellers and buyers can do, we should not forget what lenders can do. Experienced lending partners will know all of the options available to help virtually any real estate transaction. In fact, lenders should be brought into the equation sooner rather than later. Often it is the lender that provides the solutions that seal the deal. As a result, real estate professionals should have their lending partners on speed dial.



Leverage Your Financing Team


As a real estate agent, you do not have to be an expert at financing solutions. But you should know people who are experts, and understand what they recommend. Remember, Shift Tactic #10 is all about expanding the options. With your knowledge of the shifting market, and their knowledge of financing, you can work together to provide the optimal solution for your clients.


Remember to talk to others such as your attorney, accountant, and title representative. These professionals have unique insights that add much value to your business. They may also have specific expertise relating to one or more of the creative things you are working on for your client. Finally, talk to your leadership team at your brokerage. These leaders have much experience in the market and may help direct you to the best solutions.


Gary Keller’s Words of Wisdom


“If you can’t disclose it to everyone and put it on a closing statement, it probably isn’t legal.


And, if you can’t disclaim your liability from it, that usually means someone is intending on hold you liable”


Gary Keller




Real Estate Market Shift Tactic #10: Expand the Options with Joe Quattrucci


Once you have created urgency and motivation for your buyer and seller, you can then use creative financing solutions to keep the transaction on track to close. By leveraging professionals in other areas such as lending, legal, and title, you will be able to find the best solutions for your clients. In Shift Tactic #10, Joe lists many options for consideration. If there is one lesson to remember, it is that the world is full of creative financing options!


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