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Shift Tactic #6: Catch People in Your Web

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Shift Tactic #6: Catch People in Your Web delves further into what it means for an agent to have a niche of their own. When agents define their niche, they are really helping to define their value proposition. What is a value proposition? Think of yourself as a business. You want more clients, correct? Then you need to have a value proposition that lets those potential clients know what you bring to the table for them. What value do you give to your clients if they choose to work with you? If you are not sure yourself, then your clients may be in the same situation.


Real Estate Trainer and Coach Joe Quattrucci explains the benefits of having a niche. He also shares a helpful exercise any agent can use to identify their niche.


What is Your Niche?


What is a niche? A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. An agent’s individual expertise is part of this equation, and will help them stand apart from other agents in their marketplace. This specialized niche helps the agent appear unique and the best fit to meet their ideal client’s needs.


Defining your niche is the start of defining your value proposition. Ultimately you need a statement or focus of some kind that lets a client know why they should work with you. It has to be convincing. You want to let clients know that you will add more value or provide a better solution to their problems than any other agent they could work with.


The Benefits of Having a Niche in Shift Tactic #6


There are four main benefits of having a niche. Ultimately, when you know what your niche is, you will also know:


  1. Who your ideal client is
  2. Where to find your ideal client
  3. What your ideal client’s problems are
  4. How to solve your ideal client’s problems


Does this sound like you have great information? It should, because this information is what you can use to market yourself to those clients!


Shift Tactic #6: 3 Key Terms to Help Your Marketing Program


1. Pain: What does your client want to be free of? What kind of pain are they experiencing?


Example: Client is dealing with increased fees and noise issues in their current location


2. Want: What does your client desire?


Example: Client desires a similar house in a quieter neighborhood, with less associated fees


3. Need: You have what your client needs.


Example: You have access to listings in neighborhoods they find desirable.


However, it is important to note that your sales and advertising should only focus on the Pain and the Want. This helps the client further identify with you. As a result, they will come to believe that you know and understand them, and that you have a solution for their Pain and Want.




Identify Your Niche:








  • Niche: What group of home buyers are you working with? First time home buyers, investors, veterans, growing families, clients moving in from out of state?
  • Niche: What group of home sellers are you working with? Professional relocations, investors, second homes and vacation homes, luxury listings, etc.
  • Lack of homes on the market so choices are slim.
  • Interest rates are rising, so they have concerns about mortgage affordability.
  • Your clients want a home now, but they don’t want to overpay.


Marketing Approach for Shift Tactic #6


The marketing you create during Shift Tactic #6 should drive traffic to your website. You want to create an offer that entices clients to visit. However, you need to ensure that you have a hook at the website to keep that traffic right there. A hook is some kind of offering, information, or a value-add that you offer to website visitors. This will encourage the client to register on the website for more information. They might also contact you directly if they can see your value proposition.



“The Lure” “The Hook”
Drives Traffic to Your Website Keeps Them There! Register for More…
All Properties on the Market In-depth Property Details
Community and/or Neighborhood Information Virtual Tours
Home Value Resources Mortgage Calculators
Market Statistics Other Valuable Information




What does a hook look like? It might be something like this, a brochure that provides facts around buying a home:


Example brochure for Shift Tactic #6
Brochure providing helpful facts for home buyers



Leveraging kw Command Websites


Keller Williams offers industry-leading Command technology to its agents. This technology provides every agent with a website they can leverage in their marketing programs to help find new clients. The consumer tab on the left is where an agent can create easy-to-build website pages.


Command technology for Shift Tactic #6
Command Technology lets agents create easy-to-build website pages



A well-functioning website is an important business asset for agents because it is the hub of their online digital marketing presence. According to the National Association of Realtors® “Real Estate in a Digital Age” report, up to 97% of homebuyers use the internet for their home search.


Gap Between Homebuyers Online Activity and Realtors® Online Presence


However, the same report from NAR notes the following:


  • Only 69% of Realtors® have a website
  • On average, their websites are typically five years old


Questions You Should Ask Yourself for Shift Tactic #6


Do you have a website? Does it function well? Does your website have current information on display? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Even if you know your niche, are you communicating your value proposition to clients in a way they can understand?


Digital marketing experts sometimes talk of the 6 second rule, the 7 second rule, the 5 second rule, or the 15 second rule. What are these rules? All of them refer to the same small amount of time visitors to a website or social media channel will spend to determine if they are at the right place. That’s right, seconds! Look at your website–make sure it passes the test of a few seconds where visitors can figure out the following:


  • Who you are, clear and upfront
  • What you actually do
  • Who is your ideal client–who are you targeting and do they fit in that target?
  • Why should clients choose you–what is your value proposition?
  • What clients should do next



Real Estate Market Shift Tactic #6: Catch People in Your Web with Joe Quattrucci


Now that you know what your niche is and you are defining your value proposition, follow Joe’s advice in Shift Tactic #6: Catch People in Your Web. Think of your web as all of your marketing, advertising, and online digital assets. Draw clients to your assets and ensure they have a hook to keep them there.


Keller Williams Arizona Realty has a Coaching Program that is the best in the market, and helps agents achieve superior results. Additionally, KWAZ offers a Digital Marketing Excellence program complete with classes, workshops, and one hour of complimentary consulting. For agents who would like additional assistance, the program provides a number of options for digital marketing solutions.


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