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Shift Tactic #8: Stand Out From the Competition – Strategies

oe Quattrucci discusses the real estate market Shift Tactic #1: Get Real, Get Right and what it means for an agent’s business. Joe has dark hair, mustache and beard, is smiling and facing forward, and is wearing a light shirt. Also Shift Tactic #2, Shift Tactic #3, Shift Tactic #4, Shift Tactic #5, Shift Tactic #6, Shift Tactic #7, Shift Tactic #8


Shift Tactic #8: Stand Out From the Competition–Strategies provide you with the foundation to define and communicate your value proposition. So how will you stand out? Joe Quattrucci breaks the process down into easy-to-understand sections. Ultimately, you need to stand out so prospective clients will choose to work with you. In a shifting market, that choice becomes all the more important for you as an agent to be successful.


Exercise #1 for Shift Tactic #8


What Brands or Services are You Loyal to?


Think about the brands and services that earn your loyalty. What are they? How did they earn your loyalty? The reasons these brands and services are able to earn your loyalty are what we are seeking. Look at the following brands–what are you thinking of as you view this list?



Write down your thoughts about these brands. These thoughts are the genesis of what might be your own loyalty. For example, with Amazon, you might write “quick service; easy to shop online; secure and safe packaging.” What else comes to mind for you? More importantly, how long did it take you to develop your thoughts? Was it overnight, or due to a single experience? Of course it was not overnight…


What do People Want?


When it comes to you and your real estate business, it is imperative that you understand what people want. Remember, Shift Tactic #8 is about standing out from the competition. Therefore, ways that you can do that effectively will hit on the points of what people actually want:


  1. Emotional Engagement–we need an emotional connection to the brand, but remember: consumers cannot get tied to your brand in only two or three days. Think about the market as a whole and how it constantly changes each day.
  2. Memory Retention
  3. “When you sign the contract with me today, what’s the 1st thing you’d like me to work on for you?”


What people want is connection. As a result, it is important for you to create ways for them to remember you.


Your Value Proposition and Shift Tactic #8


Here is the question prospective clients are “not” telling you, but they are “telepathing” it to you:


Why Should I Select You Over Someone Else?


Your value proposition has to provide an answer to that question.


So what can your value proposition include?


  1. Your Products and Services
  2. The Customer Experience
  3. Market Knowledge and Data


In these segments, your ability to stand out from the competition is important. If you offer the same as all the other agents, prospective clients might not feel the motivation to select you.


Think of it this way: you and thousands of other real estate agents have a license and access to the MLS system. You all share skills sets in marketing properties and finding the right home for buyers. So how can you possibly stand out from the other agents? In each of the segments, define what you offer that has value to the client and is what they are seeking.


Finding Value in the Segments: Shift Tactic #8


Your Products & Services:


What do you bring to the relationship with the prospective clients? Think about your real estate experience and any specific products you can share with them–for example, an excellent title company, or a home warranty option. Also, think about the services you can recommend. All of this has value–and sets you apart from other real estate agents, which is what you want for Shift Tactic #8. Your range of services may include:


  • Cleaning Services
  • Photography
  • Staging
  • Videography


The Customer Experience:


Beyond recommending products and services, you bring much to the table yourself. Do you have past professional experience that shows off your successful business acumen? Perhaps you have a degree in architecture? Or have you spent time in the custom home-building industry? You might have specialty certifications such as luxury or relocation. Alternatively, you might come from an area known for wholesomeness and charm, such as Iowa, Indiana, or Ohio–somewhere in the great Midwest. Or you might be a former college or pro sporting figure, or have military service. Remember, your experiences, certifications, and your background add to your professional skills and have great value to your prospective clients!


Market Data:


Sure, you can share market statistics with the best of them. And you should! But also remember to let your prospective clients know that you know where the buyers are coming from and that you know how to find them. Inquire about the prospective clients’ future real estate needs as well. This is showing your market expertise beyond sharing market statistics.


With all that you bring to the customer experience, remember this:


The level of service you offer will determine the price point you get to serve


What does this mean? It means that if you seek to serve at a high price point, your level of service must match the expectation at that level. Prospective clients at high price points expect the kind of service they receive at the Ritz Carlton or Nordstrom. So when you land a client in this range, prepare yourself to match that level of service!


Ways to Provide Service at a High Level in Shift Tactic #8


Implement a “Surprise and Delight” Campaign that will mirror the service your clients are receiving from other superior brands. Consider these activities;


  • Call the clients each day to share here’s what we’re doing for you today and here’s what’s going to happen next (You never want them to call you and ask what you are doing or what is happening)
  • Provide gifts along the way in lieu of one big closing gift
  • Give a candle when the listing agreement is signed (lasts a while and reminds them of you!)


ASPIRE for Shift Tactic #8


Follow the model of ASPIRE and you will find success with your clients.


A Anticipate what they need and give/get it to them before they know they need it
S Serve
P Perform (Look at your numbers each day)
I Inspire
R Respond (Your system should work for you, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)
E Exceed your own potential

Table 1: “ASPIRE” (Courtesy of Beat the Shift by Gary Keller.)


Real Estate Market Shift Tactic #8: Stand Out From the Competition with Joe Quattrucci


Learning how to stand out from the competition will help prospective clients connect with you. Ultimately, you want them to develop an emotional connection, an answer to their question of why they should work with you. Following the recommendations that Joe lists in Shift Tactic #8 will help give prospective clients answers to that question.


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