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Believe You Can Be Successful

Gary Keller speaking onstage at Family Reunion 2023, encouraging real estate agents to believe you can be successful.


During Family Reunion 2023, Gary Keller encouraged real estate agents to believe you can be successful during the market shift. Agents should think of the change in the market as a strategy and an opportunity for their real estate business. Overall, a market shift is an “economy of less.” Therefore, agents should do more to capture the opportunities that are available to them.


Listen to Gary Keller here:



What are the Ways Real Estate Agents can be Successful in a Shift?


The advice from Gary Keller is this:


“Focus on what you can control and do the actions that are most likely to get you to where you want to go.”


Let’s break that statement down a bit and explore what this means.


Focus on what you can control 


In any market shift, there are things that you, as an agent, most definitely can control:


  • Bridging the gap between what sellers and buyers expect in the market.
  • Pivot your strategies depending on changing market conditions.


Ultimately this depends on your mindset. How can you get the right mindset in a market shift to be successful?


  1. Identity and deal with your fears
  2. Keep your focus
  3. Review your resources and expenses
  4. Maintain your perspective with clarity, priorities, and focusing your actions


And do the actions


What are the actions during a market shift that make some agents successful…and that you can take?


There are several actions you as an agent can take to help you be successful during a market shift. Notably, re-margining your business with expense management is an important priority. Another action is to focus on doing more with less by leveraging what is actually working for your business.


Basically you have to get the right mindset first, and then position your business to be successful.


That are most likely to get you to where


This is where you prioritize. Sure, there are lots of ways to generate leads. Do you truly know which lead generating activities are the most effective for your real estate business? If you want to be successful in a market shift, this is where the rubber meets the road. Ultimately you need to stop what doesn’t work, and figure out what works. If one lead source is taking time and not generating a significant number of active and valid leads for you, why should you keep doing this activity?


You want to go


Ask yourself: where do you want to go? Many agents actually gain market share during a shift. This is because they get into the right mindset and focus on what they need to do in order to be successful. And to do that, they have a goal in mind. As a result, unless and until you know where you want to go, it will be more difficult for you to be successful. 


See Yourself as Successful


Listening to Gary Keller, the best way you can be successful in a market shift is to believe you can be successful. Therefore, changing your mindset will help you determine how to take the actions you need for your real estate business.


The coaching program at Keller Williams Arizona Realty is a great place to start making that mindset change. From specific training classes to one-on-one coaching, agents will find the resources they need to help them during the market shift.


Contact us today to learn why Keller Williams Arizona Realty is known as a top Scottsdale real estate brokerage. The members of our Leadership Team will share all the benefits KWAZ offers to our agents, and how you can be successful in a market shift.


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