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To Cap, or Not to Cap, That is the Question

Woman real estate agent wearing brown blazer and white shirt holding sign with SOLD in red letters, and she is ready to cap. She is wearing round wire-frame glasses and has black shoulder length hair, facing forward and smiling.


Here at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, our expectations are for each agent to cap. But what does that really mean? Why should reaching cap status be important to an agent? There are several reasons why you as an agent should want to cap. 


Reason #1 to Cap


One of the best reasons for you to cap is that from that moment onward, you keep 100% of your commissions. There is a cap limit at KWAZ of only $10,000. As a result, reaching that cap on average takes only three to four transactions per year. If you are an agent who generates even one more sale after you reach your cap, you gain quite a bit in commissions. All of them, in fact! There is no more sharing your commissions with the brokerage. That is what it means to cap.


Reason #2 to Cap


Say you are an agent who is about to cap. One of the things you can be assured of is that your productivity has helped boost the company’s wealth building program


At Keller Williams, the wealth building program is simple and effective:


  • After a real estate deal closes, any associate who has not yet met their cap will pay company dollars directly to the Market Center.
  • The Market Center will use these company dollars to pay operating expenses.
  • Any money leftover after paying operating expenses is profit.
  • A portion of this profit is shared with the associates who helped the brokerage grow by bringing on agents who are productive. This is what we call Profit Share at KW.


So not only should you want to cap; you should also want any agents you brought to the Market Center to also cap. Productivity is the engine of the wealth building program.


Reason #3 to Cap


As an agent who is able to cap, you actually help set your future business on a viable track. You now have proven relationships with clients you have helped that may generate referrals. Also, you have a track record of success in the real estate industry that gives future clients comfort in their search for agents to work with. There is recognition of your cap status at the Market Center. Finally, you are on your way to even more recognition and success in the market, as the ability to keep all of your commissions gives you resources to expand your marketing efforts.


What Happens to Agents Who Do Not Make it to Cap?


Nothing. Keller Williams does not get paid if you do not get paid either. You do not owe any commission until you get paid first with your own productivity and commissions. However, there are some monthly office fees for which you are responsible.


If you are not a capping agent, we have the tools, classes, events, and support so that you can become a capper at the Market Center. You are able to pick and choose what is right and best for your own business and marketing needs. In fact, if there are classes you think would be helpful, you can share them with the Leadership Team and they will work to accommodate your request. Our training focuses on your ability to produce, which means you will be able to cap.


What if you really don’t want to take classes or attend events at the Market Center? Well, you do run your own real estate business. But new agents do have 30-60-90 day requirements. However, a bigger question comes to the forefront:


Are you serious about your real estate business? 


If you are indeed serious about your real estate business, why are you here? If you do not want to attend classes and events, and you are not able to cap, you might want to examine your business motivation and strategies.


Get Serious with the Best Scottsdale Real Estate Brokerage


If you are serious about your real estate business, then you are in the right place with Keller Williams Arizona Realty. KWAZ is widely known as the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage, and for good reason. As a result, there is no other brokerage in this area that can match the breadth of our training programs or the strength of our industry-leading coaching program.


Contact us today to learn how you can move forward to cap status and bring home 100% of your commissions. Our Leadership Team is ready to speak with you and help you determine your best path forward to success.


Feel free to call us today: 480-767-3000




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