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Top 5 Cold Calling Tips for Real Estate

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You know your real estate business will improve if you can master those top 5 cold calling tips. But what are they? How do some agents seem to have the Midas Touch with cold calling? Looking at the process and the market, we identify 5 winning tips from top agents. Our top 5 cold calling tips will help you reach success!


Cold Calling Tip # 1: First Write Your Script


Have you ever heard a phone call like this:


A. Hey, what are you doing?

B. Not much. What are you up to?

A. Oh, nothing, just wondered what you were doing.


What do we know about this conversation? Person A did not have a good follow up to a redirected question, and didn’t seem to know really why they were calling. As a result, the conversion went nowhere fast. Person A was clearly not following any good cold calling tips!


Identify the WHY


One way to prevent a wasted call is to identify all of the major points you want to cover in the call. First, identify WHY you are calling. If you can do this, it will help you clarify the questions or comments you need to share to get to your WHY. Second, identify HOW to respond to various scenarios. One person may not have time to talk right now–how would you handle that? Another person may have a scenario you are not familiar with. What would you do? 


Finally, be sure you come across as someone with KNOWLEDGE and experience in the specific area you are calling about. If you show you have confidence and expertise, that may help the person you call develop a sense of trust in your abilities.


Tip #2: Try it Out Beforehand


So you have a script, and you have confidence it will get you to your WHY. At this point, why not try it out beforehand? Try calling a colleague and going through your script. If you do this, it may help you see spots you need to change, or areas you did not address that you should look into. 


Keller Williams Arizona Realty’s team approach supports using colleagues to help develop best practices. The KWAZ culture includes teamwork: where together, everyone achieves more. Practicing your script will help you hone great communication skills.


Cold Calling Tip #3: Work Your Database


Every Keller Williams agent should have a database of contacts they have developed over time using their marketing techniques. By keeping the contacts fresh with updated data and staying in contact with them, the database can help you determine who you should call. Look at your WHY again. See if the reason you are calling matches anything specific for your contacts. 


Say you took on a great listing in a local neighborhood, and your WHY is to let your contacts know about the home being available. In your database, do you have notes as to contacts who are looking to move to that neighborhood? If yes–prioritize these contacts for your cold calls!


Remember: Check The Contact’s Social Media!


Don’t forget to look up the contact’s social media pages to see if there is information you can use on the call. Perhaps they recently got a new job. You can use this information to ask them about the work and what they like most about the new position. Many people really enjoy talking about themselves!


Tip #4: When Life Hands You Lemons…Make Lemonade!


Top 5 Cold Calling Tips when life hands you lemons, make lemonadeClearly not every call will be positive in nature. Some people may have no desire to talk to you at all. This might put you in a sour mood. Is that a good frame of mind for cold calling? No! What do you do to get out of that sour mood–when life hands you lemons? Remember this cold calling tip when you need a break…that’s right–make lemonade!


Focus on what you can learn from the call. There may be something you can glean that will help on the next call. Even if it is to remove that person from your calling list, that is okay! Perhaps they respond better to other activities such as postcards or invitations to events. Take a look at your script and see if you need to revise it based on what you are hearing. Remember your WHY and keep your focus on that, not on any rejections.


Cold Calling Tip #5: Always Follow Through!


Okay, you have some contacts who let you get to your WHY. Now what should you do, you ask? Amazingly, the next step is one of the easiest things you can do: follow through


This means that if you call about a specific listing and the contact wants information about that listing, you send it to them. If you call about property they own and they request a market comparison, you create it for them. By following through, you reinforce yourself as an expert in real estate.


Keller Williams Arizona Realty: Where You Can Find Success


Keller Williams Arizona Realty provides a number of resources you can use to improve your real estate business. Calling Nights offered through the Coaching Program provide a great venue for agents to work together. Agents can learn and practice cold calling tips in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Many agents in the market center welcome talking about their approach and what works for them. The KWAZ market center truly exhibits the Keller Williams Belief System with the belief that success results through people.


Contact us today to learn more about how to increase your success by using our cold calling tips. The KWAZ leadership team and coaching experts are always glad to speak about the many educational and career opportunities available to agents at our brokerage. We believe you will agree that Keller Williams Arizona Realty is the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage.


We just gave you the WHY, so NOW make the call: 480-767-3000!



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