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Top 7 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Team

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Real estate agents looking to join a team should know the top 7 questions to ask before they make any decision. There are several factors to consider, and different teams often operate in different manners. To find the best match, be sure to do your homework.


Our coaching program experts shared their top 7 questions they believe agents should ask of any team before proceeding. With their knowledge and experience, they know what to ask and what to look for. Additionally, they are great resources for you to discuss what you learn before you make any decision.


Top 7 Questions: 1 and 2 Relate to Training and Support


Question Number 1: What coaching and training programs does your team offer?


This is important for agents who want to learn more about aspects of the real estate business. Many teams have diverse talents and activities. As a result, coaching and training programs are critically important to their success. 


Another aspect to consider is if the team offers some kind of rotation of duties. This would help agents learn about the functions of each team member. Most importantly, it helps them be able to step in since they have been cross trained if there is an immediate need.


Question Number 2: Do you offer any type of administrative leverage?


Of the top 7 questions to ask a real estate team, this one gets to the heart of the paperwork monster. Administrative assistance with forms, programs, and other agent activities can provide significant economies of scale on a team. 


The assistance of a Transaction Coordinator is seen as an extremely desirable benefit of working on a team. Agents who have strengths in cold calling, perhaps, can devote more time to this if they have some administrative leverage they can count on.


Top 7 Questions: 3 and 4 Relate to How You Get Leads and Get Paid


Question Number 3: Do you offer leads? What type, and how many leads?


Real estate teams may have a specific protocol for how they receive, handle, and distribute leads within and across the team. This is important for you to know upfront, and if you join, how you would fit into that protocol. The process should be clear and in place so everyone is on the same page.


Question Number 4: How are commissions split on the team?


When a commission is earned by the team, what is the specific split? If you join a team and take a specific role, you should know how a commission will be split for your efforts. Clarity on the answers to the top 7 questions, especially for this question, helps limit misunderstandings.


The amount of your commission split back to the team covers a variety of helpful benefits you receive from the team, including:

  • Administrative Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Programs


Top 7 Questions: 5, 6 and 7 Relate to Expectations and How You Fit In


Question Number 5: Does the team have specific expectations of me?


Just as in any other work position, a real estate agent who joins a team will have to meet specific expectations. If you are not sure of these expectations up front, how can you be sure you are meeting them? This is one of the most important of the top 7 questions. It basically helps you understand how the team will measure your success.


For example, if the expectation is that you will spend two hours cold calling each day, that is important for you to know. You may want to ensure you can document your efforts and share about your experiences. The goal is to help the team reach greater success. As a result, activities like cold calling should show some results over time.


Question Number 6: If I join in a specific role, how does it fit with the rest of the team?


When you join a team, understanding your specific role is of paramount importance. Equally important is understanding how your role fits in with the other team members. Remember, it is a team: together, everyone achieves more. So you will have interactions with other team members. Additionally, they will have expectations of you. 


It is often said that the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location. If this is true, then think of this question as reflective of these three important words for working on a team: communication, communication, communication.


Question Number 7: When I have questions, to whom do I go?


Many teams have members who are practical experts in certain areas of real estate. They may be ideally suited to answering some questions. Other members may have expertise relating to marketing programs that work significantly well. Alternatively, questions of a legal nature may ultimately be best addressed by the broker. 


Whatever the question, there should be a team member who can provide an answer. If they cannot answer the question, they should know who will be able to provide an answer. The most important thing to remember is how important communication is within the team. Use the team experts to help you learn and grow. 


Use the Top 7 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Team to Find the Right Fit


The Keller Williams Arizona Realty coaching program is intently focused on training real estate agents to reach the highest level of success. Some agents might benefit greatly from joining a real estate team. Our coaching experts are here to help agents find the right fit for their career path.


Contact us today to learn more about how to leverage the coaching program to find your best fit on a real estate team. The KWAZ leadership team and coaching experts are happy to help you learn about all the many aspects of real estate and the paths you can take in your career. We are sure you will find that Keller Williams Arizona Realty is the best Scottsdale real estate brokerage to work for!


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