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Welcome David Siena

Welcome David Siena


Welcome David Siena!


When looking for a partner to help lead Market Center 280 into the next chapter of growth across Arizona and to assist our entire family of offices, it was important to me that we found someone who has a track record of care and competence. First, care for agents’ productivity, profitability, and growth in all things was a non-negotiable. Second, a competence in leading successful, growing Market Centers. I believe that David Siena is the perfect complement to our Market Center in its current position and his leadership will accelerate our shared success in the Arizona real estate landscape.


I am pleased to welcome David Siena to Keller Williams Arizona Realty as our new Co-Team Leader!




David’s responsibilities include the following:


1. Hosting Agent recruiting appointments on a regular basis, focusing on strategic growth.

2. Consulting with the “top 20%” of Agents at Keller Williams Arizona Realty to gain insight and help them expand their real estate business.

3. Working directly with our OP, Kristan Cole, and CEO, David Morse, to achieve all growth metrics and targets for KWAZ.

4. Leading other Team Leaders in scripting and growth conversations to help them increase their specific Market Center growth.

5. Assisting in the management of several key roles within the organization.


From my first meeting with David Siena, I was impressed with his business acumen, astute knowledge of the real estate market, and his warm personality. I believe he will make a particularly strong and beneficial impact on Keller Williams Arizona Realty.


It is a great pleasure for all of us KWAZ to welcome David Siena to join us in this exciting business. We have an amazingly bright future and I am looking forward to seeing our success!


Please join me in welcoming David to our family.


Feel free to reach out to David Siena directly to welcome him to our team:


David Siena


All in,
David Morse


Call us today: 480-767-3000
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