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What Does the Market Center Provide?

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When thinking about exactly what the market center provides, it is helpful to first think about what real estate agents need in order to be successful. Keller Williams Arizona Realty has a specific Agent Opportunity Pathway that describes in detail what agents can expect at various stages of their career. All along this pathway, there are a wide variety of services, programs, events, and opportunities. As a result, this shows just how much agents can expect from the market center. Examining a few of these offerings in more detail will highlight the market center’s value.


Does the Market Center Provide Consulting?


Consulting is one of the most sought-after services that the market center provides. Whether an agent is fresh from receiving their new license, or several years into their career, the need for consulting services is constant. The ability to confer with knowledgeable professionals who can share their expertise and ask the right questions helps agents reach higher levels of success. Depending on where an agent is along their pathway, they may have direct access to several consulting services. These services cover a number of topics and formats, including:


  • Access to World Renowned Consultants Through the Accelerator Group
  • Individual Business Planning on a Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual basis
  • Meet With the KWAZ CEO/Team Leader for Monthly Consultations (top 20%)
  • Training on Leveraging and Hiring
  • Mastery One-on-One Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (MAPS) Coaching
  • Daily group coaching calls
  • Daily Q&A calls
  • Twice weekly group training calls
  • Weekly call nights
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Online training portal


How About Concierge Services?


What does concierge mean? A concierge is an individual or a company that offers personal services or other assistance. In the real estate industry, the myriad tasks and activities that must occur from initial conversation to closing can be provided through concierge services. For many agents, these services are worth accessing just to gain valuable free time they can then use to serve clients.  What are the concierge services the KWAZ market center provides to agents?

  • Backend Support Across the Full Spectrum of Documentation Needs
  • Licensed Transaction Coordinators available for hire on a per file basis
  • Consulting on Brand and Brand Issues for the Agent
  • How to Approach Marketing of the Agent, Properties, Services
  • In-house Services Allowing Direct Access and Leveraging
  • Studio Fully Equipped with the Latest Technologies and Gadgets


Does the Market Center Provide Community?


Agents often ask if they can expect that the market center provide community of some sort. After several years of dealing with social distancing, precautions, and safety issues relating to COVID-19, the need for community has never been more apparent. However, KWAZ never lost its sense of community, and in fact it has grown. The market centers hosts community events, various groups, committees, and activities. Therefore, agents can expect a strong and vibrant community. At KWAZ, agents can expect the market center to provide all of the following, depending on their level of experience:


  • Educational Opportunities on a Daily Basis, Both In Person and Online Options
  • Strong Team Approach, Focusing on Peers
  • Eligibility to Participate in the Associate Leadership Council
  • Lead Market Center Projects and Initiatives Serving in Role of Chairperson
  • Participation in Masterminds
  • Newly Launched Chapter of Keller Williams Young Professionals (upon meeting prerequisites)
  • Participate in Leads/ISA Program
  • Several Specialty Committees including:


Learn More About What the Market Center Provides


The full breadth of what the market center provides for real estate agents goes far beyond the points noted above. As a result, there is a certain energy that come from successful real estate agents working together and helping each other. There is also a level of professionalism that agents with experience lend to the environment. Most importantly, there is a desire for all agents to be successful. The Keller Williams wealth building opportunity is open to all agents. As a result, each agent’s success helps other agents in building their wealth through the Keller Williams Profit Share Model.


If you are ready to learn more about what the market center provides, let’s start talking. Our recruiters, coaches, and leadership team members are always glad to speak with agents to share with them about all that they can gain from working at our brokerage. There are several reasons why Keller Williams Arizona Realty has become known as the best real estate brokerage in Scottsdale. First and foremost is our level of service to our real estate agents. Contact us today to learn what the market center provides, and be ready to reach the next level of success in your real estate career.


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