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What is Your Value Proposition?

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Real estate agents should be sure to promote their value proposition. But what exactly is a value proportion? In the simplest terms, a value proposition is the reason why a client would choose to work with you over some other agent. It is the thing that separates you from your competition. You should also think of your value proposition as something where you excel, where you have superior skills and experience.


What is a Real Estate Value Proposition?


In the real estate industry, a value proposition can be a number of different things. To discern what you believe sets you apart from other agents, consider some of the following:


  1. Education: Any educational endeavors add value to your real estate career.
  2. Certifications: Even if your certifications are from other industries, they may add significant value to your real estate career and give clients confidence in your abilities.
  3. Experience: Agents with significant experience in real estate should tout their tenure. Newer agents can add the experiences they have from other industries as burnishing their resumes.
  4. Expertise: Perhaps you have an eye for luxury design, and have won awards or accolades in some capacity. Consider any expertise as having potential value for your clients.
  5. Tenure in Location: Perhaps you have lived in your local city for some time. This has value to your clients. Alternatively, perhaps you are a recently relocated. You would know the things that others relocating need to know. 
  6. Real Estate Interest: You might specialize in a neighborhood or type of home, such as downtown condominiums. This specialty has value to clients looking for these types of homes.
  7. Types of Clients: Perhaps you enjoy working with clients relocating to the area from other states, as you once did. If yes, consider adding relocation to your value proposition.


Marketing and Advertising


Once you have a good feeling for your value proposition, consider making sure you have three specific points.


Why is three an important number for your value proposition? The rule of three is an easy rule to remember, and it refers to our brain’s ability to create a pattern. More than three, and a level of distrust may arise–skeptics will question when there are too many points to consider. Not enough, and our brains are not able to create a pattern for memory.


This rule applies in your real estate marketing, your social media, your value proposition…pretty much everywhere. Use it to make your website stand out, and to make your marketing memorable. Remember: the rule of three is extremely important for your real estate business.


What Should You do About Your Value Proposition?


If you have defined your value proposition, first be sure there are three components. If not, go back and examine the points above to see what you might add to get to the magic number of three. Next, write them out in full sentences. Then work to define them into easy to digest bullet points. Here is an example:


  1. I enjoy working with clients relocating to Arizona as I relocated a few years ago and I have knowledge to share with them. I also became a certified relocation specialist this year.
  2. My preference is to work with clients looking for a second home. Many of my past clients have purchased second homes, so I know the points they look for when they want to purchase.
  3. Over my time in the area, I have lived the most time in Scottsdale near downtown. I am intimately familiar with the downtown area, neighborhoods, and vibe.


Boiling these down to bullet points, a value proposition might be something like this:


  1. Relocation Specialist
  2. Second Home Expert
  3. Downtown Scottsdale Resident


Can you see how the rule of threes works to your advantage? It helps you define why a client should choose you to work with over other real estate agents. Remember–too many points and clients get confused and skeptical. However, you might have a lot more qualifications, of course, but highlight three at a time in your marketing and advertising. 


Leverage Your Market Center to Help You Define Your Value Proposition


Remember, you have a number of resources at your disposal through the market center. Don’t work in a bubble; get feedback from other successful agents. Talking with other agents and market center Leadership Team members will help you further refine your value proposition. As a result, your real estate value proposition will be  specific and unique, adding much value to your real estate business.


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