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Winners Accelerate in Turns

Gary Keller speaking onstage at Family Reunion 2023, telling agents to not lose your market share during a shift, that winners accelerate in turns.


At the recent KW Family Reunion 2023, Gary Keller drove this point home: winners accelerate in turns, so don’t lose your market share in a shift. But if the real estate market is down anyways, could your share of it decline as well? Yes, it can, because other agents are using this time to increase their lead generation activities. Therefore, if you decide to just do the same activities you always do, or even to sit the market out, you will most likely lose your market share.


Listen to Gary here:




How do Winners Accelerate in a Shift?


Winners accelerate in a shift by doing what they should be doing all along in their real estate business.


The advice from Gary Keller is this:


“Now is the time to increase your efforts and increase your lead gen activities.”


By increasing your efforts, you increase the likelihood of growing your business. As a result, focusing on increasing your lead generation activities means you are more likely than other agents to find active buyers and sellers.


Winning Market Share in a Shift


The message from Gary Keller at Family Reunion about market share is clear:


“When you win market share in a shift you rarely give it back. When you lose market share in a shift, you rarely ever get it back. How you behave in a shift will determine the rest of your life.” – Gary Keller, Family Reunion 2023


So how do winners accelerate during a shift?


Winners Accelerate Following the Four Steps to Success


When talking about what a real estate market shift is and how it impacts agents, Joe Quattrucci of PCx notes the following:


These four steps will lead agents to success in their real estate business: 

  1. Get rid of negative emotions and beliefs that are limiting
  2. Envision a successful future and define your goals to get there
  3. Stand up and take action
  4. Zero in on what is important and focus


A good resource for agents to learn how winners accelerate is Gary Keller’s book, SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times


Another resource is the Shift Series of blog posts at Keller Williams Arizona Realty:


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Winners Accelerate by Taking Action!


Even in a market shift, people are buying and selling homes. Therefore, increasing your efforts will help you increase your share of the market. Are you currently waiting the market out? That will not help you gain market share. Or perhaps you are doing the same as you have always done? If yes, other agents who are increasing their activities are growing their share of the market at  your expense. 


Take action now to increase your efforts and lead generation activities, and you will likely gain market share during the shift!


Speak with one of our Leadership Team members to learn about the many resources that KWAZ offers its agents. The market center offers an extensive amount of training classes for agents to increase their knowledge and skills, helping winners accelerate in the turn. Keller Williams Arizona Realty is widely known as having the best real estate coaching program in Scottsdale, with more agents increasing production and reaching capping status. 


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